2020 will be remembered as the decade when contributing to society became the standard. Company giving, giving back, corporate social responsibility (CSR), company citizenship and shared value are just some examples of terminology and “philosophies” used when planning and implementing community engagement strategies.

More than an ideology though, the Social Value Act 2013 requires people who commission public services to think about how they can also secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits. We already see companies losing contracts or not winning government tenders because they do not have an approach in place that evidences their contribution to society. Ad-hoc donations and quick-win greenwashing campaigns are not the solution. The need for credible, quantified and validated sustainability strategies is here to stay regardless of company size or industry and are increasingly necessary for successful business.

The value your company provides to your local community or geographical area carries a lot of weight when it comes to government tender bids. For certain industries, partnering with socially impactful organisations can mean the difference between winning and losing crucial contracts, but without resources, knowledge or insight into how charities and social enterprises work, it can be an unfamiliar process.

Our platform helps to generate that social impact by matching your organisation with charities and social enterprises that align with your vision of the future. The profiles on our site allow you to list your mission, your goals for the future and what you are looking for out of a partnership. Our AI based topic modelling framework is able to intuitively group associated words with a particular topic, so the matches we create connect organisations that have shared goals or visions of the future.

Organisations can list the resources they are offering, from money donations to goods and services and skills-based volunteering. For all monetary donations over £5,000, your organisation will receive a social impact report from the charity or social enterprise you have worked with and for all donations under £5,000 you are delivered a social impact notification or greeting – social impact reporting not only helps build your brand, but is a great way of evidencing your contribution to your local community too.

whatimpact.com simplifies and automates the process of finding charities or social enterprises to work with so you don’t have to punt in the dark and hope for the best. Let us be the experts and take your charitable engagement from a tick-box exercise to a truly meaningful process where you can make a real difference to your community. By contributing to society in this way and hereby showing your commitment to delivering social value, your applications for tenders are better placed to win.

Prototype of whatimpact profiles

Our full site launches in November, but you can register your interest now at shona@whatimpact.com to take advantage of the free profiles we are offering companies until the end of the year.

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