whatCharity is the number 1 search site for charities in the UK. Only 48% of the public said that they trust charities in a recent survey and the number of donors is decreasing; trust is something that needs to be fostered in order to create better relationships for charities and their potential donors, volunteers, and trustees.

whatCharity’s CEO and Founder, Tiia Sammallahti has been working hard at convincing the UK public of the importance, dedication and amazing work that charities do. whatCharity is here to help the sector to tap into the £665 million additional donation potential by giving a chance for ALL charities to be found. We also give transparent and easy-to-read information on charities to the public and match charities with public preference.

Tiia Sammallahti has recently been interviewed by some large media outlets on this subject, including Sky and The BBC. Scroll down to watch and listen to the recent interviews and learn more about how whatCharity are helping to build trust within the charity sector…

whatCharity CEO Tiia Sammallahti interviewed on Sky News

whatCharity CEO Tiia Sammallahti interviewed on BBC Radio 4  (slot begins at 13 mins 5 seconds)whatCharity BBC Radio 4 interview