We all participate in charitable giving in various ways and with various motivations. Some of us support causes we have been personally affected by, some are just looking to give back to society in general. Perhaps we want to volunteer in a charity shop to gain retail experience or support our children by giving to their school. No matter what the motivation or the method, all charitable activity is valuable.

However, supporting those causes which suit your personal preferences AND have a strong impact will make your efforts even more powerful. Answer the five questions below to see what kind of donor you are and whatCharity.com will give you a few tips to enhance your impact in a way that best suits you.

How do you research which charities to support?

A. I ask my friends for recommendations when choosing a cause to support

B. I do quite a bit of personal research and compare charities before I decide

C. I use multiple resources to gain data, also wish to talk to charity representatives

How do you prefer to volunteer?

A. I enjoy volunteering that I can participate in with my friends

B. I am actively looking at a number of ways to get involved with charities

C. I regularly volunteer with one or more causes

What is most important in charitable participation?

A. Charitable activities should be fun and engaging

B. I tend to engage with charities who give recognition to donors/volunteers and deliver high-quality information

C. Being charitable is a way to express my identity and what is important to me

How are you most likely to make donations?

A. Sponsoring friends and family i.e. Through JustGiving and charity marathons

B. Donating in social events. Also, when I get across to a well-managed charity and proof of impact while doing research, I might donate a larger sum

C. I give through giving networks and make social investments

What do you think the charity sector could do more to encourage participation?

A. Fill me in with more cause-related success stories

B. Creating more opportunities to donate where my donation is directly linked to the impact

C. Providing more impact data via new tools and data source

Count our answers and see what kind of a giver you are:

Mostly As – Ad hoc Giver

Mostly Bs – Engaged Champion

Mostly Cs –  Thoughtful Philanthropist

Ad Hoc Giver:

You are a giver who trusts the recommendations of others when it comes to choosing a charity and you fully enjoy helping out without being high maintenance when it comes to asking for feedback or proof of impact. You love to support a variety of causes regardless of the type or size of the charity. You are the person your friends will always rely on to help them out in a fundraising or crowdfunding campaign. 

Tips for an Ad Hoc Giver:

  • You might not think of yourself as a big giver because you are not regularly involved with specific charities, but you are wrong! Your input is incredibly important to charities because you are always open to new initiatives and to working with a range of different causes. Even the smallest donations or actions add up and can create a real difference over time!
  • You can reinforce your charitable activism by sharing the events you attend on social media and promoting causes with your friends or in the work-place.  Your enthusiasm is contagious! Do not forget to review and comment on the charities you have supported via events and fundraising campaigns on whatCharity.com. Taking just one minute of your time to do this would mean a lot to the charity!


Engaged Champion:

You are a giver who has a strong desire to make the biggest impact possible. You carefully research your causes and tend to choose charities who are leaders of their field and make the most difference. You really engage with the charities you choose to support and use a variety donation methods and channels. People look to you for advice on their own charitable activities and know they can trust your recommendations.  ‘

Tips for an Engaged Champion:

  • Your references and recommendations are highly valued among your friends and colleagues. Sometimes the best way you can help a cause is to speak up and convince others to support it as well. Research shows that once a person has already engaged with a charity through either donating or volunteering, they are 50% more likely to help out in other ways. Your role in getting others to take the first step in charitable giving is vital!
  • You really care about the impact made by charities. Help others find out about this impact for themselves by commenting and asking questions on whatCharity.com profiles of your favourite charities. Recommending and sharing these profiles is worth its weight in gold when it comes to boosting awareness for the charity. You are likely to find new charities on the platform for deeper engagement and donation multiple resources as you are always up for a new challenge when it comes to making a change.


Thoughtful Philanthropist

As your title says, you are a true philanthropic soul and you enjoy linking your charitable activities with your everyday life. You are an active follower of the non-profit field and are responsive to when charities try to reach out to you. You frequently participate in charitable events and surround yourself with others who are also interested in driving change. Although you don’t demand that others be as active as you, you are always willing to share your knowledge and promote the work of the charities you are involved with.

Tips for a Thoughtful Philanthropist

  • Your work with multiple charities gives you a great insight into the charity sector and makes you ideal as a mentor, trustee or advisor. Your feedback and advice to charities can be a crucial tool to help them measure their own impact and work out how best to carry out their future activities.
  • whatCharity.com will provide you with a  wide range of information about a charity, their activities and their impact. Share and comment on your experience of working with charities to help them tailor their approach and reach out to even more people.  The platform is your first port of call to find trustee, advisor and skills-based volunteering options as well as investment opportunities for high-impact projects.


*This quiz has been designed as a playful interpretation of motivation based donor profiling by NPC in their Money Food Good report published 2013. The quiz focuses on the three main donor segments, who actively seek and are open for new causes, charities and project to fund. Together these three segments represent approximately 50% donors and 33-45% of donations in the UK.

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