whatCharity is a tech startup aiming high, with a mission to positively disrupt the charity sector. Here at whatCharity, we facilitate relationships between charities and partners, giving you the tools to make your charity grow and deepen your engagement with the public. Our main aim is connectivity within the community and we do that in several ways:

1. Transparency: We help charities display transparent information about their mission, their needs and their impact. Your charity profile is the first place you can make your voice heard.

2. Democratic matchmaking: We fight to give an unbiased platform for all UK charities to be found and matched with funders, grant-makers and individuals. We want to give all charities, big or small, the opportunity for recognition and growth. We do not evaluate or rank charities ourselves which gives room for independent comparison by our site visitors.

3. Improving Efficiency: We want to give the public the ability to discover all kinds of charities both local and large scale. By taking full advantage of our services, we want to deepen the engagement between donors and all the resources available. This works to reduce the costs involved in fundraising and marketing, increasing your ability to focus on the actual charitable work.

Impact Survey Results

We believe charities on whatCharity are seen more transparent and approachable. We are an advocate of charity transparency

Having only launched one and a half years ago, we believe it is important to track our progress and really listen to users about how we can improve their experience with our service. We champion charity transparency and believe this transparency applies to us too. We can only succeed in our MISSION, if charities work closely with us and allow us to support their work. Thanks to those who participated in our survey, we have great news about the growth of whatCharity and how it has helped you.

How has whatCharity benefited its users?

“Family Action has been on whatCharity since it launched in 2018. WhatCharity has been a useful broker for companies and charities who want to work in partnership. As we aren’t a household name, whatCharity helps us show our impact to people interested in our type of work.”
-Emma Sorrell, Family Action

whatCharity promotes charities actively in national media. Pictured here with ‘You Make It’ in London on live TV

Currently 1.5% of charities in the UK receive over 70% of the industry’s income. We want to increase economic inclusion and the first step to gaining resources is being visible to people wanting to contribute to a worthy cause.

Support always begins with awareness and with our tools, charities can create the infrastructure they need to encourage company partnerships and donations. Your charity profile is your chance to pitch to potential donors. We provide an unbiased opportunity to be discoverable no matter how niche, and we are really encouraged that over 36% of survey respondents reported being able to raise awareness through our site.

Almost 20% of our users have become more focused on their impact and the importance of measuring and reporting it. Our platform allows you to create a one-stop-portal showcasing your charity and the societal change and impact it has made. This is the key to attract both individual donors and volunteers as well as company supporters. Having a clear linkage between mission and outcome really works to improve both the donor and volunteer experiences.

whatCharity has developed an impact reporting tool with the help of charities and NCVO consultants for the future launch

We at whatCharity have identified that a lack of money donations is the number one problem for charities registered with us today. Money donations are one form of support and over 6% of respondents (representing 25% of Matchmaking Members) reported having made a financial gain since registering with whatCharity, a figure that has doubled since last year’s survey. Based on further other data analytics, we have reason to believe the number to be much higher. We are a one-stop-portal/directory for all charitable contributions. The ability for cross-linking means we often guide donation traffic and money contributions to external sites such as Just Giving.

“Beat is a medium size charity that supports people suffering from eating disorders. We have already benefited hugely from being on whatCharity.com, finding new supporters and resources.”
-Phillip Roethenbaugh, BEAT

Thanks to whatCharity, registered charities report having more skills-based support than unskilled-based support compared to last year, and interest from potential trustees has doubled. Since the beginning of our journey we have partnered with tens of companies and have been able to distribute money donations, goods and services and volunteers.

Several survey respondents reported gaining corporate partnerships or prizes through our activities. Our partnerships have allowed the delivery of £17,000 worth of brand strategy work, £6,000 in digital consultations, various product donations, as well as direct money contributions.

Now, in the final stages, our ongoing partnership with Simplyhealth affords at least £40,000 of exclusive non-restricted grant money to one or several charities. Additionally, all applicants shortlisted by the company, were also promoted to our corporate partners via email marketing, encouraging them to strengthen their engagement and support with charities on our site.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for an exciting upcoming initiative with a large international technology company looking to help charities source skills-based volunteers. This will be launched for Matchmaking Members on 18th Nov 2019.

whatCharity is actively in contact with different kinds of companies regarding their community engagement contributions

Going beyond the statistics

“Great idea – only a new member but am expectant. Would like evidence of the benefits of paying a subscription.
-Survey response

As a Listed Member you have the ability to be discovered through the search tool, visible with basic details downloaded from the Charity Commission database and some additional information provided by you. You can also ask your volunteers and donors to give testimonials and peer-to-peer recommendations.

As a Matchmaking Member you have the opportunity to include more detailed information about your charity, meaning potential partners are more likely to make an informed decision about the cause they want to support. Most importantly you can ask for up to 15 different kinds of resources, including money, skills, volunteers, goods, services and trustees.

The impact page allows viewers to see in detail the difference your charity is making. Our evaluation criteria gives you credibility in the eyes of prospective partners and allows you to be specific about your approach to solving a particular issue – whether that is halting the extinction of bees or ending homelessness.

With the Matchmaking Profile you can be more location specific, adding areas of outreach, charity shops, offices and spots where you need volunteers. The Matchmaking Membership also allows you to be shortlisted for prizes and/or company promotions taking place on the site.

Click HERE to see the benefits of a fully completed profile.

A huge congratulations to Songbird Survival for winning £300 for staff or volunteer recreation through our Review Survey competition 2019! We recognise how hard everyone involved in charity works; all our in-house competition prizes are geared towards giving back to charity employees. In addition to this, all the charities benefiting from our prizes gain publicity through our blog post coverage and reinforce awareness of their cause.

“We would like to know things more relevant to small charities like ours”
-Survey Response

Our service is designed to support SMEs. Our location services help us give recognition to local charities allowing site viewers to find your retail services or offices easily.

We want our blog posts to be informative and engaging for small charities or those lacking resources, so we are constantly working on new content and we always appreciate suggestions.

We also have opportunities for exposure for smaller charities; our monthly grant newsletter with 10-12 hand-picked, less-known grant opportunities has a readership of over 1,500 charities each month. The full grant letter is only available for Matchmaking Members.

“Where can I find out more about fundraising opportunities?”
-Survey Response

We want to be a hub for all charitable activity and we see ourselves becoming the TripAdvisor of the charity sector. We do not work as a fundraising site but with our Matchmaking Profile charities can link all their own fundraising activities to their page. Every week we publish and promote fundraising events of one charity. This month we are working to launch EMA on our site, a fundraising tool which can be integrated to your profile, providing users with a quick way to support your cause in very visual and engaging way. Click HERE to learn more about EMA.

“Is it only for UK-based charities?”
-Survey Response

Any charity registered in England and Wales is eligible for a profile with whatCharity, even if your proceeds go toward helping causes overseas. We upload The Charity Commission database information on a monthly basis, so every charity is responsible for ensuring that their information is registered with them correctly.

We collaborate with several charity umbrella bodies, but we are a 100% independent operator

We have partnered with FSI on several occasions throughout our existence and we are a corporate member of the Charity Retail Association. Our initiatives have been promoted by voluntary action centres and other umbrella organisations throughout England and Wales.

Thanks to all the charities who have been part of our journey so far, we hope that together we can create a more democratic space for UK charities.