Since our launch in March 2018, we have helped hundreds of charities to gain awareness, present their work and impact in a concise way, gain donations and volunteers, find grants to apply to and get tips and hints on things like company partnerships and digital solutions to make their operations more sustainable and efficient.

Our CEO Tiia is an advocate of positive, inspiring communication of charity and the sector itself. At whatCharity, we are working relentlessly to play our part in the sector gaining back trust with the public, which is at its lowest ever, as only 48% of the public say they trust charities, according to research from NCVO, 2019.

The media also like to focus on negative points when it comes to charities. Our CEO Tiia was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 last week and turned a negative news story into a positive, helping all fantastic charities who are doing amazing work to get their message out there. Listen to Tiia’s interview on BBC Radio 4 by clicking here and skipping to 13 minutes on the recording.

whatCharity is also an active operator in the corporate world and is an advocate for raising awareness of the benefits of corporate giving to charities. We aim to promote the most efficient ways of collaboration between companies and charities and have made charities voices heard via our surveys and content.  We wish to build trust and help ALL types of charities to gain more resources.

We’ve recently launched a host of new features in our premium package for charities. These include map search functionality, the opportunity to ask for resources from the public, animated promotional videos, Instagram integration, a monthly grants blog and so much more. So, what benefits have other charities seen from working with

whatCharity search functionality helps volunteers and companies who are interested in your type of cause to find your charity

“Family Action has been on whatCharity since it launched in 2018. whatCharity has been a useful broker for companies and charities who want to work in partnership. As we aren’t a household name, whatCharity helps us show our impact to people interested in our type of work.” – Emma Sorrell, Family Action

whatCharity helps put charities on a map and raises their profile, so they can be found by more potential volunteers and companies

“Beat is a medium size charity that supports people suffering from eating disorders. We have already benefited hugely from being on, finding new supporters and resources.”– Philip Roethenbaugh, Beat

“Through WhatCharity, we’ve been able to recruit volunteer mentors, access donations and also win prizes to offer our beneficiaries – all without leaving our office!” ”— Roxi Jahansahi, You Make It Charity

“WhatCharity is an exciting new platform that has already helped us to reach many new supporters and made our small charity’s name heard in an already busy sector.” — Matt Blacker, Hope for The Young LTD

“We’ve been delighted to sign up to whatCharity. The platform promotes our cause, giving new people the chance to find out about us and support us in a simple way. whatCharity also helps us access new technology and support” — Jessie Gane, Solace Women’s Aid


Our company campaigns, competitions, blog and social media exposure is helping all sizes and types of charities to gain awareness and supporters. We have heard reports of charities gaining company partnerships, trustees, mentors, money and good and feedback on how we put the charity on the map, which allows the public to build their relationship directly with the charity.

Did you know that:

  • Almost half of those donating directly via a charity’s website agreed or strongly agreed that they would be more likely to give again? This is compared to just 19% of donors saying they would give again after using third party fundraising platforms.
  • 47% of donors don’t even remember the charity they donated to when they last sponsored a friend online

whatCharity direct donors to your charity website (or wherever you choose) in order for the public to give donations and no donations are made directly on our platform. It is clear that it is much more beneficial to ask for resources from people already connected to your charity and those who have already donated directly – we help you build the engagement.

We have had over 45,000 unique users on our site, spending on average 4.5min while visiting. Visitors currently spend 2 to 2.5min on one charity profile and this is just the beginning. Our investment in SEO (how your charity is found in search engines) is already lifting single charity profiles in Google Search to their own search results and our aim is to fivefold the numbers in the coming year.

whatCharity will continue to play an important part of the charity communication pallet. However, at this stage we wish to say, no platform can update charity information nor do work for a charity. What we offer is an opportunity for a charity to be found on tens or even hundreds of locations on our search map where they can be cross-referenced with volunteer and other donations requests, but matchmaking will only happen if the profile is completed and updated.

Have you claimed and updated your charities’ profile yet? Find out how here.