On the 16th of October the charity commission published a report on ‘ongoing class inquiry into charities that failed to file accounts for the period 2018/19′. The report reminds us how integral it is for charities to keep up to date with financial records.

At whatCharity, we strive to make sure that all our registered charities display the most up to date financial information on their profiles, for the public to see. Our records are updated regularly via the charity commission’s website. We believe (and so do donors) that in the case of charitable incomings and outgoings, transparency is key. That’s why whatCharity’s mission is to make all financial data
– accessible to all
– displayed in an easily understandable format
– linked to the impact of the given charity 

Donors deserve to know without doubt where their money is being spent. So, rather than falling behind as a charity that goes ‘unaccounted for’, or ‘ceases to exist’, get savvy on your financial records. Know that your charity is being fairly represented. That way the public know where they want to put their support and why so. Charities must lead the way here. From us at whatCharity, don’t fall short on what is such an integral part in the decision making of donors!

Onwards and upwards: instructions for charities

Make sure you submit updated records of your financial data to the charity commission at least annually.

If you haven’t already completed all sections of your profile on whatCharity.com, do so now! Log in, go to ‘My profile’ and click ‘Edit this charity’. Once you’ve finished, be sure to select ‘Save and Exit.

For more, listen to whatCharity’s founder, Tiia Sammallahti, discuss trust and financial transparency in the charity sector.

Best wishes from the whatCharity team 🙂