Charitable giving always spikes around Christmas time. It’s a time that is often associated with comfort, family, love and giving, so it’s no surprise that we are also reminded of those less fortunate than ourselves. However, it is not always easy to know how to give. We spoke to a number of charities who gave us their top tips on how to best support those who need it most during Christmas time.

Don’t make giving lazy! 

Did you know that ⅔ of people who make donations do no research before giving? People often choose to either give to organisations they already know about or have heard about through word of mouth. Although it is important to remember to give to charities that are local to you and that are close to your heart, as Essex Blind Charity reminds us:

‘Support your local charities, ask what you can do to help, give time, and donate goods to raffles’ (Johnathan Dixon, Essex Blind Charity)

An environmental way to raise awareness and wish well

We might forget that some of the simplest Christmas traditions can have a positive effect on charities and their beneficiaries. Why not buy your Christmas cards from your local charity shop, or even better, send a charitable e-card! 

‘Send e-cards to friends and family and donate the cost of cards and stamps, to let them know about a charity you support. This means more funds come to the charity and you’re saving paper and reducing the waste created by cards and envelopes. We use ‘Don’t Send Me A Card’ and have raised over £80 so far” (Rhiannon, Wheely Tots)

Think outside the box

Your unwanted toys have places of use other than the charity shop…

“Why not donate your children’s’ teddy bears to your local fire station for the firefighters to give to kids who are frightened during a fire incident?” (SwitchAid)

We asked members of the public to share some of the ways they give during Christmas time:

Comment below if you have some ways to give charitably that you want to share!

Merry Christmas from the whatCharity team 🙂