More and more we are seeing the spotlight cast on issues centring around sustainability, and businesses cannot afford to sit out of the conversation. The industry is increasingly being held to account in relation to sustainability initiatives and the value of conscious business should be recognised as going far beyond pitching in for the common good. 

Sustainability should be woven into the fabric of company culture, and partnerships with charities and social enterprises should be favoured as mutually beneficial relationships. After all, prospective employees tend to opt for companies with a socially minded approach and employee retention can be linked to initiatives that go beyond the boardroom. We are seeing government tenders* favouring applicants that can prove their social impact and the value they bring to communities. In the dawn of “business for good”, business growth and social conscience are inextricably bound. 

But with thousands of causes out there, finding the right one can be a daunting prospect. offers a democratic matchmaking service to do the hard work for you. We facilitate the connection between for-profit organisations and charities, making it easier for them to engage in charitable activity and build their brand at the same time. 

what is

We connect with all registered charities in England and Wales on a weekly basis and our database has a reach of nearly 100,000 charitable organisations (thanks to a direct monthly download from the Charity Commission). 

Our services help companies engage with new, interesting and diverse charities to bring various charitable initiatives to life. Whether you are seeking charities to be recipients of money donations, wanting to increase your company volunteering or looking to partner with charities more generally, we help facilitate connections.

Our free to use search engine makes for an easy comparison of charities which can be filtered by location, cause, size and more. Charities are able to list their need for resources – whether that be money donations, goods and services or volunteers, along with their mission and impact. What’s more, these in-depth profiles provide detail that is not always discoverable online. So when attempting to deepen your engagement in this regard, our one-stop-shop is a good place to start.

How to use

If you want to dig deeper, our bespoke service offerings are tailored specifically to your company’s needs, helping you initiate working relationships with impactful causes throughout the UK. Initiating charity-company connections can be hard, especially without a bridge between the two worlds. We have the know-how to manage the entire procedure, from curating a search criteria, to delivering a charity call out and handling the application process. All you have to do is make the ultimate decision of who you want to support based on a hand-crafted selection of suitable candidates.

Thanks to years of expertise in the Third Sector, is revolutionising what it means to partner with charitable organisations, all you need to do is get on board. 


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