We at whatCharity understand the importance of government contracts and have done some work to help charities to gain more insight and opportunities related to public tenders. We are collaborating with the most advanced tender search platform Tenderlake.com to share some facts and tips for applying for government tenders.

Every year, the UK public sector spends more than £250 billion with external suppliers. To level the playing field most of these procurements must go to public tender.

The voluntary sector earns about £15 billion a year from the central and local government. Most of the underlying contracts are awarded after an open bidding process in which anyone can submit a bid to win the contract.

Our partner company Tenderlake.com uses Artificial intelligence of help overcome the challenges associated with identifying relevant contracts. It does so because it actively LEARNS to understand what type of contracts you are really looking for. Read more about the service and how your charity can attract new income and widen the reach of your essential work.

Please answer this short survey by Tue 22nd January (midnight) to take part in our competition where we select winners for three annual tenderlake.com subscriptions (each worth £936 + VAT). In order to ensure charities of all size benefit, we will have three categories with a winner randomly selected in each: 1) charities with an income less than £500K, 2) charities with an income between £500K and £1M and 3) charities with an income higher than £1M. Winners will be announced on Thursday January 24th.



Good luck to all and thank you so much for your input!

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More about the prizes:

  • Three prizes, each consisting of a subscription to Tenderlake Pro (for 3 users) for one year with a market value of £936 + VAT. Prizes include full onboarding, training, and support. More on the prices HERE.
  • The size of charity is based on the most current annual turnover reported by Charity Commission.
  • This subscription will help you raise your game in identifying and winning public contracts. Learn more about Tenderlake at www.Tenderlake.com.
  • No cash substitute.
  • No transfer of prizes – subscription may only be used by the winning organisation.

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Local charity with charity shops:

Wandsworth Oasis: Their work, impact, resource requests and the free video provided by whatCharity

Wandsworth Oasis: Their locations presented on the map

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Large charity – Family Action

Smaller national charity – Beat