Coordinated by whatCharity, leading technology company Ericsson are looking to match over 300 employees with charities that need skills-based volunteers. They are looking to distribute their work-force of skilled legal, digital, marketing, HR and finance professionals who want to volunteer their time for a good cause. If that sounds like something your charity to could benefit from, apply HERE.  

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Ericsson is partnering with whatCharity to bring some exciting opportunities for charities

Lars Magnus Ericsson founded Ericsson 140 years ago on the premise that access to communications is a basic human need. Since then, they have continued to deliver ground-breaking solutions, and innovate technology for good. Ericsson has 1,300 employees in the UK, 300 of which work from the Reading head office on daily basis – hundreds more on an ad hoc basis. Ericsson wants to bring in the new year with strong charity partners who are based in Reading, have areas of outreach in Reading or beneficiaries in the area. (The volunteering placement itself is not location specific, so you could be eligible!)

To find out more about Ericsson collaborating with whatCharity and their visions for the current programme, click HERE.  

A 2018 survey conducted by whatCharity, revealed that out of 600 respondents, 45% of charities claimed they would benefit from strategic advice and mentoring, but only 10% of charities had access to these pro-bono services. Our 2019 user survey showed that 53% of users want skills-based help, but often do not know how to where to start.

Ericsson has hundreds of employees who are keen to make a difference, each able to donate a minimum of 8 hours of their time (distributed as agreed between volunteers and charities). Some individuals have expressed an interest in pursuing further voluntary work or donating more hours, so there will be some opportunities for more long-term collaborations. 

Ericsson’s Our Year of Volunteering programme starts in early 2020. Throughout the year, approximately 40-50 charities with whatCharity MatchMaking Profiles will be presented to Ericsson staff using our shortlisting application. In the first round, through the December application process (deadline for applications 8th December 2019), 10-15 charities will be chosen to be presented to the staff. Ericsson will be hosting a campaign launch event in the New Year where some of the shortlisted charities will have the opportunity to present themselves to Ericsson employees live, giving them a better chance to partner with more professionals. Selected charities will feature on whatCharity promotional material, strengthening the awareness of your cause. 

Application process:

  1. If you have not already registered with us, you can request a profile HERE
  2. Ensure you have fully completed your MatchMaking Profile with as much information about your charity as possible. ALL VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES need to be listed on the charity profile.
  3. Complete the additional short questionnaire HERE to demonstrate your skills needs and motivations. These answers can get your charity shortlisted, but only opportunities listed on your official profile will be promoted to Ericsson employees.

    Please Note: There is also an interest in fundraising activities and non-skilled volunteering, so please add these opportunities in ADDITION to skill-based opportunities to your charity profile.

    Deadline for applications is 8th December 2019

We want to encourage a platform for all charities to gain access to the resources they need. That’s why Ericsson is offering MatchMaking Membership free trials to all charities interested in applying till the end of 2019. All prospective charities will be required to hold a Matchmaking Membership to be eligible for entry and shortlisting. whatCharity will notify the shortlisted charities before Christmas on their progress. Please be sure to keep your profile updated to remain in with a chance of gaining valuable volunteers! You can find all the details of our MatchMaking membership scheme HERE.

This is an important opportunity to access the services of highly-skilled, professional business people for free. The partnership between whatCharity and Ericsson doesn’t end there. We have a collaborative agreement for the whole of 2020 and want to give as many charities as possible the chance to get involved. That’s why we will be rerunning the competition in the spring and the autumn of 2020. 

Don’t forget, participating charities will receive better exposure, skilled help and a strong corporate partner. Good luck!

If your charity does not have a need for skills-based volunteers, but have for example inspiring fundraising events requiring small or larger teams, please let us know in your application.