Updated: 29/10/19

The whatCharity platform hopes to close the gap between charities and companies, by connecting grant-holders with grant-seekers.

Applications for this grant are now closed.

In 2018, we conducted research into the world of grant distribution and learned from 523 respondents that 30% of grant-holders would like to see more or new charities applying to their programmes. Grant-seekers reported difficulties finding appropriate funding and one respondent commented “we have no idea what grants are available to our charity”. Otherwise, application processes are lengthy and confusing. (Want to hear more? Find the whole report summary here.

Therefore, whatCharity is launching a new streamlined grant application programme. Once charities have created their profile with us, it is simply a matter of keeping their page up to date because this profile will serve as the basis of all of their future grant applications. Each grant will then be accessible to charities after just a few short questions and they can access the funds they need to survive and grow. 

We are beginning this project by collaborating with the UK’s leading health plan provider, Simplyhealth, who are now distributing grants through whatCharity to our charity community. By linking Simplyhealth with the charities who have their health and wellbeing goals in common, we are ensuring the grant-holders investment is impactful. Our grant system gives all charities a chance, regardless of size, wealth or cause, through our access to all registered charities in England and Wales.

The Application Process

By October 9th 2019…

1) Answer the short Survey Monkey questionnaire here.

2) If you are not already registered with us, request your profile here. Courtesy of Simplyhealth, charities who apply for this grant get FREE access to the whatCharity Premium subscription until the end of 2019 (whether they are shortlisted or not).

3) To complete your application, fill out the following on your whatCharity profile:
– Your Overview page
– Your Performance page

For the best chance of success, complete your profile entirely by filling out:
The above, as well as…
– Your Impact
– Your Locations

What happens next?
We will get back to by October 11th 2019 with the result of your application.

To reiterate: Applications are incomplete until charities have filled in the basics of their whatCharity profile (Overview & Performance) because Simplyhealth need this information of charities, to make their decision and it is not asked of them in the questionnaire.

This grant process means charities will not have to tirelessly fill in the same information time and time again. Instead, their whatCharity profile will serve as the basis for all future grant and volunteer programme applications.

About Simplyhealth

Since 1872, Simplyhealth has been helping people access healthcare professionals through health plans, charity partnerships and by being a voice in healthcare.

Today it is the UK’s leading provider of health plans, dental plans and pet health plans, which help individuals, families, employees and pets to get support with their health when they need it. 

With no shareholders, Simplyhealth is totally focused on making sure no one goes without the healthcare support they need. It is passionate about being a voice in healthcare and partnering with charities to reduce health inequality.  

Want to hear more about Simplyhealth?

General Grant Description 

Amount: £10,000 – 40,000 

Grants may be distributed in a single sum or as multiple grants towards smaller projects, depending on the nature of funding requests. 

Simplyhealth is committed to investing 10% of its adjusted pre-tax profits to charitable causes. The grant scheme is a further way the organisation enhances access to healthcare professionals, by partnering with charitable organisations to reduce health inequality. 

Simplyhealth are interested in investing in charitable partners who work to support access to healthcare professionals for disadvantaged adults and children throughout the UK. 

Areas/Projects Considered

Simplyhealth is looking to fund projects that align with its products and services, or which support its strategic goals more generally.  Simplyhealth’s purpose is ‘improving access to healthcare professionals, making it easy for the many for the long term’.

The organisation’s health plans offer access to health treatments including physiotherapy, acupuncture, dental and optical. They also offer corporate health packages such as preventative health plans for businesses. These plans promote both physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace. 

Simplyhealth’s EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) support employees through a range of tools, including access to telephone and face to face counselling sessions. EAPs will also provide financial and legal information/guidance and lifestyle advice.

Therefore, projects which relate to these services and themes will be considered. Visit the website for more details.

Examples of Simplyhealth’s current support:

  • Dental hygiene for children who need it most, via the Teeth Team, which brings dental education and dentistry into primary schools in disadvantaged areas.
  • Improving the lives of children with special needs, by funding Brainwave which offers therapies such as physio for children with complex needs. 
  • Provision of counselling services for people suffering from sight loss, through the Macular Society.

These examples are also NOT exhaustive; Simplyhealth is eager to work with new charities and is keen to fund innovative projects. 

Type of grant

whatCharity profile tips: 

Basic profile:

Basic charity details and financials are provided by The Charity Commission. The following information is then required for charities to add to their profile: 

  • Overview: Your mission and the history of your charity. 
  • Performance page: Outline your Financials, with the option of attaching your annual statement. 

N.B.: This stage is essential for applications to be processed.

Premium profile:

To complete:

  • Charity Impact page: this describes the overall work of the charity and what they are trying to achieve. This gives charities the opportunity to detail different projects which might be underway-to give an accurate representation of the diverse work a charity might be engaged in. 
  • Location: Include your zones of operation and the areas of your outreach to demonstrate your geographical reach. 
  • whatCharity recommends Testimonials: Ask your supporters, volunteers, beneficiaries and employees to give a review and rating of your charity, which will appear on your page.

Application questionnaire tips: 

  • The best applications will demonstrate how the charitable project or work supports Simplyhealth’s mission, as well as its brand.
  • They will be able to demonstrate how the positive impact they implement will be long-lasting and egalitarian in nature-bringing healthcare to people who would otherwise struggle to access it. 

    N.B.: to keep the message clear, we have restricted the number of characters permitted for each answer.  

Shortlisting Stage

If, on October 11th, you receive good news and we wish to progress with your application, you will have until October 20th to fully complete your whatCharity profile, if you have not already done so.

Initially, finalists were due to be announced by the end of October. However, due to the fact we extended the deadline for applications, results from Simplyhealth regarding the finalists will be announced in November and grant receivers will be confirmed by the end of November or early December.

It is worth noting the truth of it is the taking part that counts for this grant programme because applicants have access to all whatCharity Premium profile features for FREE. Through this, charities can showcase their work, advertise the funds and services they need to the public and collaborate with other organisations through out platform, regardless of whether they win grant awards or not.