During testing times, maintaining networks of support is essential. In the current crisis, companies are having to focus on securing themselves economically whilst keeping up with health and safety measures – there’s a lot to think about. However, company-charity collaborations is not something that should be put on hold. In fact, the importance of *shared value is only heightened – using company-charity networks to create rapport, and sustain lasting relationships is key to a more fruitful future.

Social change and partnerships create future business opportunities

With every big crisis comes some social change, and there will be many organisations – both companies and charities – that will find those opportunities and use them as a springboard for positive change. Let this be an opportunity for us all to show how resilience and perseverance via charity-company partnerships can drive us towards a better future

Although times might be tough, we must focus on the medium and long term future. Companies can utilise this moment for planning and formulating partnerships with charities for mutually beneficial economic and social delivery. Product and service innovations solving societal and environmental problems are the route forwards for future business success. With a well-planned knowledge and resource exchange, charities can give companies access to very unique insights, data and co-innovation opportunities. 

Charities speak to large sectors of public supporters and hold a vast amount of information on their beneficiaries; all such information is relevant and could be potential areas of business development for many companies and industries. The longer and deeper these parties are in communication, the easier it is to tweak collaboration models so that they continue to thrive, even through periods of change. This kind of back and forth support is essential for the future of our communities, social climate, and economical stability.

Charities are vital for your staff as well  – now and in the future

Charities have vast responsibilities in our society in the areas of mental health, sickness, education, helping the most vulnerable people, and protecting nature, to name a few. The need for these services does not disappear in the grim times, in fact it grows. In most cases, employees and customers of companies are also beneficiaries of charities, which makes it only logical that companies support these causes, thereby enhancing the wellbeing of key stakeholders and supporting their own vitality. We must help each other to help ourselves; this must be the route forwards.

Where one charity will need money contributions, products and services, another will benefit from skills-based volunteering, for example in areas of legal, financial, digital and communications. These are areas where high-level professionals can contribute and really make a difference. These kind of contributions can be done remotely. Many companies are already in possession of products and services that could be of use! Previously low-in-demand stock items can become essential resources for those in need.

So, if your company is looking to the long term, and if making the future of your company better is something you want to act on right now, starting with contributions based on instant need is a great way of getting to know some charities. 

Mutually beneficial, *shared value partnerships are the future. We at whatCharity are experts in matching companies with charities and building mutually beneficial, shared value based relationships. If you wish to hear more and do some ‘idealising’, please book a 30min consultancy chat with me

All the best and be safe!

Tiia Sammallahti
CEO of whatCharity.com
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