whatCharity.com organised a roundtable discussion on charity-company collaboration referring to our recent Charity-Company Engagement Survey results (attached). Please see the discussion live streamed on 31st May here as a recording.

Roundtable participants:

Tom Levitt, author of ‘The Company Citizen’ (2017), company-charity engagement specialist and former MP

Janine Edwards, Head of Development, The FSI – An umbrella body serving 6000 small charities in the UK

Cherryl Martin, director at Wonderland Ventures and trustee for local children’s charity Hounslow Action for Youth. HAY programming, counselling and intensive support transform the lives of over 800 children and 200 families a year – providing vital interventions for those vulnerable to exclusion, prison, teen pregnancy and family breakdown.

Jonathan Booth, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management London School of Economics. One of the few academics doing research on the effects of volunteering to companies in terms of personal development and company climate

Katariina Salomaki, Talent Manager. Katariina is responsible for talent acquisition for growth companies, employee engagement and retention.

Host: Tiia Sammallahti, CEO, whatCharity.com