For Plastic Free July whatCharity have teamed with Matchmaking Members GVI Trust to share some knowledge and resources about all things plastic free and how you can get involved.

What does GVI Trust do?

GVI Trust was set up in 2005 and we work with local projects globally to create sustainable solutions that tackle the United Nations SDGs. We have four focus areas that all our projects fall under and these include Environmental Conservations, Education & Enterprise, Community Development and Health & Wellbeing. We are celebrating 15 years of impact this year and proud to have inverted over £2million into over 100 projects around the world. 

How/why did you get involved with the charity?

After working in the HE Sector in the UK I decided to take an opportunity to become a skilled volunteer in Latin America for 1 month. Absolutely loving being part of the local community and empowering others to tackle global issues became a passion. I joined a volunteering company called GVI as the Director of Alumni Services but then transitioned over to the charity two years ago as this is where my passion lies. My role is challenging day to day but one of the most rewarding. 

Why is Plastic Free July important and what are GVI Trust doing for it?

We have a number of Marine projects across Africa, Central America, Fiji and Asia and our teams are reporting on the amount of plastic being pulled from the ocean. We see this is an emergency situation and this really is our last chance to tackle this issue and we can only do this together. Education and Awareness of this issue is absolutely the key for change and Plastic Free July is the perfect movement to build awareness globally. 

How can people get involved?

There are a number of ways people can get involved but the priority is for all us to become more aware about the plastic in our daily lives. Remember Refuse, Reuse, Recycle is the best way forward. If we all start to refuse to purchase items in too much plastic then these companies will hold market research to hear this response and be forced to change.

Plastic can not always be avoided and this is where reuse or recycle comes into play. I challenge you this July to take a pledge to cut your plastic and you can use our calculator to see how much of an impact you will make and if you leave your email you will be entered into a free prize draw to win some amazing plastic free gifts and a $50 global giving donation voucher that you can donate to any charity and any project! Click here for more.

Other ways you can get involved is to spread the awareness with your network or show your support by a donation to our charity

Tyrone Bennett FCMI CMgr CEO/President of GVI Trust since 2018. 

Tyrone joins the Trust as CEO/ President after working for our volunteering partner GVI Ltd for 7 years. Tyrone was Director of Alumni Services and previously responsible for the partnership, managed GVI Alumni, Marketing Outreach, Human Resources, Education Desk and Office Management. Previously Tyrone worked for Moo Moo Youth Marketing and was commissioned to setup the first youth council in Islington, London as well as running multiple community engagement campaigns for the NHS and Police Force. Tyrone brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our charity and will we working to implement our first strategy and engagement plans to enhance our communication with our network.

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