The whatCharity monthly grant newsletter matches grant makers with grant seekers. We make it easier for charities to find grant programmes that are relevant for their organisations and activities, in order to help them grow and increase the impact they have in their communities. We provide grants suitable for all types of organisations and have previously matched charities to exclusive grants of up to £40,000.

Below we have compiled a list of 10 grants currently accepting applications. Included are grants of varying sizes, which cover both project and internal costs, as well as those whose reach extends across the UK and internationally – something for everybody!

1. The Percy Bilton Charity

The charity supports projects to provide day centres, care homes, respite care facilities, sheltered housing, independent living accommodation, educational and recreational facilities for older people and those with physical or learning disabilities or enduring mental health problems, as well as educational and recreational facilities or supported living schemes for disadvantaged young people.

Deadline: Rolling application process (no deadlines)

About the Grant

The charity runs two programs for organisations:

Large Grants – one off payments for capital expenditure of approximately £2,000 and over (the majority of grants are between £2,000 and £5,000).
Small Grants – grants of up to £500 to assist smaller organisations with immediate funding for equipment and furniture (excluding office items)

What kind of projects and charities should apply?

Organisations in the UK supporting the following causes should apply:

  • Disadvantaged/under priviledged young people (those under 25), especially supported housing schemes and educational and training projects to encourage disadvantaged young people who may be homeless and/or unemployed away from crime, substance/alcohol misuse and homelessness. Facilities for recreational activities and outdoor pursuits specifically for young people who are educationally or socially underprivileged and disadvantaged.
  • People with disabilities (physical or learning disabilities or mental health problems), residential, respite care, occupational and recreational establishments for children, young people and adults with physical or learning disabilities or enduring mental health problems.
  • Older people (aged over 60), day centres, nursing and residential homes, sheltered accommodation and respite care for the frail or sufferers from dementia or age-related disorders. Projects to encourage older people to maintain their independence.

Application tips:

The charity also provides grants to individuals who fall into the three categories above.

Link to register/apply

Type of FundingGrant SizeTo WhomApplication PeriodDecisions Made By
Restricted FundingUp to £500 for small grants and up to £5000 for large grantsUK charities supporting disadvantaged young people, people with disabilities and those over 60Application period is ongoingLarge grants – at following board meeting
Small grants – monthly

2. The Pilgrim Trust

The Pilgrim Trust gives grants totalling approximately two million pounds each year to charities and other public bodies. Sixty percent of funding is directed towards projects aimed at preserving the fabric of architecturally or historically important buildings, or projects working to preserve historically significant artefacts or documents. Forty percent of funding is allocated towards social welfare needs, we currently focus our support on projects that help women and girls, with a specific interest in early interventions that address their needs before these become too deep rooted.

Deadline: Rolling application process (no deadlines)

About the Grant

There are two grant schemes:
Main grant fund: 90% of the annual grant budget is allocated to this scheme for grants over £5000.
Small grant fund: the remainder of the grants budget is distributed through this scheme in grants of £5,000 or less.

What kind of projects and charities should apply?

Apply if you are a UK registered charity and work with the following goals:

  • Preservation and Scholarship: preservation and repairs to historic buildings, especially projects that give new use to existing buildings. Conservation of works of art and archival records. Promotion of knowledge through academia and research.
  • Social welfare: Projects that have a positive impact on the lives of women and girls facing severe and multiple disadvantage, particularly where their vulnerabilities put them at risk of offending.

Link to register/ Apply:

Type of fundingGrant SizeTo WhomApplication PeriodDecision Made By
RestrictedLarge grants: over £5000
Small grants: under £5000
Charities working with preservation and scholarship or social welfare concerning womenRolling Application periodN/A

3. The Henry Moore Foundation

The foundation was established in 1977 to promote the public’s appreciation of the visual arts and in particular sculpture

Deadline: 26th February 2020

About the Grant

There are five types of grant and are up to £20,000

What kind of projects and charities can apply?

The grant is open to UK registered charities and those overseas which include a British component. Grants are awarded to projects that fall into the following five categories:

  • New projects and commissions: This includes exhibitions, exhibition catalogues and commissions. The maximum grant is £20,000 but most grants are for less
  • Acquisitions and Collections: This is designed to provide minor capital grants and includes acquisitions, conservation, cataloguing and display. The maximum grant is £20,000 but most grants are for less.
  • Research and Development: Long-term research- for projects that require funding for more than one year, e.g. a permanent collection catalogue. The maximum grant is £20,000 but most grants are for less. Research and travel grants – for research on history and interpretation of sculpture. Academics, curators and independent scholars may apply for research costs, e.g. travel, photographs, archival access. The maximum grant is £2,500.
  • Research fellowships: This programme supports up to three two-year postdoctoral research fellowships in the field of sculpture studies.
  • Conferences, lectures and publications: Grants of up to £5,000 are available.

Link to register/apply:

Type of FundingGrant SizeTo WhomApplication PeriodDecision Made By
RestrictedUp to £20,000Charities involved in art and conservationOpen now until 26th February 2020Spring 2020

4. The Brian Mercer Charitable Trust

The trust was established in 1999 and awards grants in areas related to the prevention and relief of human suffering, art and causes local to Blackburn and Lancashire. It considers worldwide applications.

Deadline: Rolling application process but applications are considered at board meetings held four times annually. Applications must be submitted at least four weeks before meeting – next deadline is May 2nd 2020

About the Grant

The total value of all grants awarded annually is approximately £800,000. The proportion of funds allocated to the three causes is 75% to the prevention of human suffering, 15% to art related causes and 10% to causes local to Blackburn and Lancashire.

What kind of projects and charities should apply?

The trust awards grants in the following areas:

  • Prevention and relief of human suffering: to support interventions directed towards reducing suffering caused by poverty and ill health weather in the UK or overseas. Such interventions must be of proven best value or demonstrate the potential to become so. Both direct interventions (e.g. provision of medical treatment) and indirect interventions (e.g. medical or technological research) will be considered.
  • Art: to encourage and support the development of promising young artists (working broadly in the field of visual arts), especially within the north west of the UK.
  • Causes local to Blackburn, Lancashire: to provide funding for well designed, evidence-based interventions benefiting those living in the area of Blackburn, Lancashire.

Link to register/ apply:

Type of FundingGrant SizeTo WhomApplication PeriodDecisions Made By
RestrictedVariableCharities involved in the relief of human suffering, art or local to Blackburn UK (open to charities across the globe)Rolling application period but submissions considered four times annuallyNext trustee meeting is on June 2nd 2020 (please make sure applications are submitted at least 4 weeks prior)

5. The Brelms Trust CIO

The Brelms Trust offers grants exclusively to Yorkshire based organisations or schemes benefitting Yorkshire communities. The trust particularly welcomes applications from small and medium sized organisations with an income of less than £500,000. The Trust gives priority to charities working at the heart of communities to tackle disadvantage and to provide sustainable benefit to the community.

Deadline: Rolling application process with submissions considered quarterly – next board meeting is in March 2020

About the Grant

Grants range from £1,000 to £5,000 a year and can be either one-off or for up to three years (totalling up to £15,000).The trust can provide funding for direct service provision, salaries, volunteer expenses and running costs – the trust does not usually support the entire cost of a project, so expects evidence of other funding too.

What kind of projects or charities should apply?

Yorkshire based organisations are eligible to apply for grants from the trust, however they also consider national organisations whose work benefits Yorkshire communities.

Find out more about the kinds of projects the trust funds here:

Link to register/apply:

Type of FundingGrant SizeTo WhomApplication PeriodDecisions Made By
RestrictedBetween £1,000 and £5,000Charities based in Yorkshire or whose projects benefit Yorkshire communitiesRolling and assessed quarterly. Next period of assessment is March 2020N/A

6. The Boshier-HInton Foundation

The Boshier-Hinton Foundation exists to improve quality of life for people with disabilities or learning difficulties, and their families, in any part of the country, by making donations to charitable institutions providing facilities and advocacy for children and adults with special educational or other need.

Deadline: Rolling application period

About the Grant

According to their latest records, in 2017, the foundation made 175 grants to organisations totalling £596,500. They typically make grants of up to £2,000 to applicants. The foundation considers all applications but favour those which receive additional funding from other sources.

What kind of projects/charities should apply?

All registered charities in England and Wales that advocate for support, and provide facilities for children and adults with special educational needs and other disabilities, and their families.

Link to register/apply:

Type of FundingGrant SizeTo WhomApplication PeriodDecisions Made By
RestrictedGenerally up to £2,000Charities supporting children and adults with special educational or other needsRolling application periodN/A

7. Sylvia Waddilove Foundation UK

The foundation makes grants for a range of general charitable purposes and awards grants four times annually.

Deadline: Next upcoming deadline is January/February 2020.

About the grant

The grants are given according to a criteria based on six categories and applicants can be awarded up to £10,000 depending on the size of the organisation. Applicants can expect to receive grants within three months of applying.

What kind of projects/charities should apply?

The trustees welcome applications from charities, CICs and Registered Societies. Grants are provided for projects relating to the following charitable purposes:

  • Education (organic farming, animal husbandry, veterinary science, animal welfare and animal surgery)
  • The visual and performing arts
  • Medical research
  • The relief of disability and severe illness
  • The preservation of buildings of architectural or historical significance
  • The accommodation of those in need

Link to apply/register

Type of FundingGrant SizeTo WhomApplication PeriodDecisions Made By
RestrictedUp to £10,000UK registered charitiesRolling application period, upcoming deadline end of Jan 2020All decisions made before April 2020

8. The Yapp Charitable Trust

The trust makes donations to small registered charities in the UK to cover core costs. They contribute to work that is related to social welfare, education and disability.

Deadline: Trustees meet three times a year so decisions can take up to 5 months depending on date of application.

About the grant

Grants are normally awarded up to £3,000 and for up to three years, this is because the trust prefers having an ongoing impact. Since the trust favours small charities, funding priorities are running costs.

What kind of projects/charities can apply?

To be eligible for funding, the applicant charity must have been registered for at least three years and have an annual expenditure of less than £40,000. The charity must also be undertaking work in one of the following priority areas:

  • Older people

  • Children and young people aged 5 to 25

  • People with physical impairments, learning difficulties or mental health challenges

  • Social welfare – people trying to overcome life-limiting problems of a social, rather than medical, origin (such as addiction, relationship difficulties, abuse, offending)

  • Education and learning (with a particular interest in people who are educationally disadvantaged, whether adults or children)

Application tips:

Priority is given to:

  • Work that is unattractive to the general public or unpopular with other funders

  • Services that help to improve the lives of marginalised, disadvantaged or isolated people

  • Applicants that can demonstrate an effective use of volunteers

  • Charities that seek to be preventive and aim to change opinion and behaviour through raising awareness of issues, education and campaigning

  • Applicants that can demonstrate (where feasible) an element of self sustainability by charging subscriptions/ fees to service users

Link to apply/register:

Type of FundingGrant SizeTo WhomApplication PeriodDecisions Made By
RestrictedUp to £3000 for up to 3 yearsUK registered charitiesRolling application periodUp to 5 months after application submission

9. The MacRobert Trust

The MacRobert Trust is an amalgamation of four trusts and supports areas of armed forces and merchant sailors, children and young people, science engineering and technology, education and training, agriculture and horticulture, local charities.

Deadline: Rolling application process but upcoming consideration dates are January 15th

About the grant

There are three levels of grant available: small (up to £10,000); medium (between £10,000 and £50,000) and large (£50,000 or more). Large grants however are very rarely awarded and applications are not open at this time. Applications are open to UK based charities.

What kind of projects/charities should apply?

-Services and sea: support for the armed forces and mercantile marine. Other charitable support is given to the single-Service charities and other charitable organisations providing training, welfare, rehabilitation and medical treatment for serving and retired members of the armed forces community.

  • Education and training: educational grants to individuals and grants to schools, colleges, universities and other training institutions
  • Children and young people: health, welfare and well-being of young people in particular charities addressing addiction, crime, homelessness, disadvantage and disability
  • Science, engineering and technology: awards for engineering, grants for research and to support the study and practice of science engineering and technology. Support is also given to encourage young people to take up engineering as a profession.

  • Agriculture and horticulture: farming scholarships, horticultural and agricultural charities and sustainability research

  • Tarland and the local area: Environmental protection, public access to the countryside and the promotion of sport and health, as well as education, citizenship and community development and youth groups.

Link to apply/register:

Type of FundingGrant SizeTo WhomApplication PeriodDecisions Made By
RestrictedUp to £50,000UK registered charities, priority given to Scotland based charitiesRolling application period – upcoming dates for consideration are 15th of January 2020After January 2020

10. The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust

The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust supports general charitable causes connected with the arts, medical welfare and the environment.

Deadline: 6th of February 2020

About the grant

Grants start at around £500. The majority of grants are for around £5,000 although some can be for larger amounts. Grants are usually made by the trust on a one-off basis although fixed term grants are also agreed from time to time for a maximum period of three years.

What kinds of projects/charities can apply?

UK registered charities can apply and the trust supports involvement in the following areas:

The Arts

  • Promoting access to and education in the arts
  • Projects that involve disadvantaged young people, people with disabilities or special needs, and the wider community

Medical Welfare

  • Providing music and art therapy to improve the quality of life for older people or those with disabilities in palliative care or hospices, and especially in hospices that operate on a low income and/or in remote parts of the UK
  • Holidays and respite breaks for young carers
  • Support for charities seeking to rehabilitate young people on the fringes of society to improve their employability and diminish the risk of social exclusion

The Environment

  • Conservation of the countryside and woodlands
  • Protection of species and habitats under threat in the UK
  • Heritage conservation within the UK based on value to and use by the local community
  • Rural crafts and skills in heritage conservation
  • Social and therapeutic horticulture, particularly projects for people living with disabilities or ill health

Link to register/apply:

Type of FundingGrant SizeTo WhomApplication PeriodDecisions Made By
RestrictedUp to £5,000UK registered charities associated with arts, medical welfare and the environmentDeadline for applications is February 6th 2020Applications are considered in the trust’s grant making meeting held on March 12th 2020