As the digital age has more than crept up on all of us, its high time all charities get on board digitally in every way possible. We’re sure there are many out there who are unaware of the tools, softwares (many of which are free) and tips out there for kickstarting your digital communications. In collaboration with Charity Digital, whatCharity has shared a series of charity-tech content that has to targeted some of the difficulties we know many charities are currently facing.

If its not yet clear what digitisation could do for your charity… well, it should be. To be sure you’re making the most of the free online tools, softwares and advise that is available for charities right now, lets recap.

1. Create A Clear Digital Marketing Plan

First thing’s first, Charity Digital have come up with a digital marketing action plan for charities to use to help organisations to survive this crisis. The above article provides a holistic overview of the kinds of things charities should consider when marketing in the digital sphere during the current pandemic.

One aspect of going online is making sure beneficiaries and donors can still reach you; see how to integrate a chatbot into your digital marketing plan here.

2. Maintenance Is Key

Ensure your charity has a clearly organised plan of action for working from home and that every member of your team is well informed and connected.

Keep fundraisers inspired to support your charity by coming up with and promoting innovative ways of raising funds from home, whether that’s through live-streaming through Instagram, Facebook, or through other means.

3. Communication Is Also Key

Choose from a number of free and low cost online tools, including Trello, Slack, and Asana to make sure your meetings and web conferences run as smoothly as possible.

Softwares on offer for this are: The Zoom Meetings Business Plan at a discounted rate – see if your charity is eligible here and Skype For Business at a discounted rate – see if your charity is eligible here.

4. Keep Your Supporters Engaged

Text To Donate remains a popular and easy way to engage your long term and one off supporters. See here for more information from Charity Digital on how to structure a Text To Donate campaign as well as service providers your charity could be using for this service.

Another way to keep your donors engaged with your charity is to show you care by sharing free, positive and helpful advise. Charity Digital also provide info on free online programs that are exclusively for charity workers. Again, my maintaining high morale in your distant ‘teams’ you are undoubtedly better serving your charity as a whole.

5. Digital Data and The Future

laptop computer on glass-top table

Digitisation of the charity world has become a necessity since the outbreak of COVID-19. More than that though, the importance of having an enduring digital strategy that will safeguard your charity for the future has also been brought to light. If your charity wants help to continue to encourage charity leaders and trustees to incorporate digital activity into strategy and governance, Charity Digital is offering a digital checklist to keep on track with.

One way in which your charity could be extending its digital reach is by using and reviewing data. As Charity Digital point out, “small charities have a unique opportunity in that effective use of data can make stretched resources go further”. Read more on how to better use your data here.

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