As the digital age has more than crept up on all of us, its high time all charities get on board digitally in every way possible. We’re sure there are many out there who are unaware of the tools, softwares (many of which are free) and tips out there for kickstarting your digital communications. In collaboration with Charity Digital, whatCharity are bringing you a series of charity-tech content that is sure to target some of the difficulties we know many charities are currently facing. Here’s part 4:

Text to donate

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One of the values that remains important to all of us through pressing times, and is even exaggerated, is the our moral sensibilities. Text To Donate remains a popular and easy way to engage your long term and one off supporters. While online initiatives like Zoom cook offs and quizzes have proved to be fun and fruitful ways of raising funds, for the older generation and those without access to things like Zoom, Text To Donate is an easy and straight forward solution to giving from home.

See here for more information from Charity Digital on how to structure a Text To Donate campaign as well as service providers your charity could be using for this service.

Mental Health Resources

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As well as keeping supporters engaged through appealing to core values and making the process an easy one, another way to keep your donors happy is to show you care. After all, this is a free resource and something that everybody can appreciate. A healthy and happy mental state is really important for everybody right now – the NHS list a number of free and low cost apps here. Sharing free, positive and helpful advise such as this is a great way to keep your network connected, cared for, and united.

Charity Digital provide more info on the kinds of resources available here. This includes free online programs that are exclusively for charity workers. Again, my maintaining high morale in your distant ‘teams’ you are undoubtedly better serving your charity as a whole.

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