As the digital age has more than crept up on all of us, its high time all charities get on board digitally in every way possible. We’re sure there are many out there who are unaware of the tools, softwares (many of which are free) and tips out there for kickstarting your digital communications. In collaboration with Charity Digital, whatCharity are bringing you a series of charity-tech content that is sure to target some of the difficulties we know many charities are currently facing. Here’s part 2:

How tech can keep your charity working

Charity Digital is giving insight on how to manage digitisation needs in this great article.

whatCharity followed some innovate live-streaming events with interest during the first weeks of the crisis. Some of them have not been for fundraising, but could be harnessed for specific purposes. For example inviting people to join a live-stream party, and to donate on their way in.

Live streaming can be done easily via Facebook and Instagram. These medias are ideal for sharing your charity stories and engaging with what you know the best – the impact of your work on beneficiaries and how people can get involved. Facebook has the donation opportunity, but if you do not use it or use some other streaming service, you can simply communicate the URL for your fundraising site for donations. 

How to fundraise through the coronavirus

But how am I supposed to run a half marathon indoors? There are several operational aspects to be solved, when all or most of your charity employees are working from homes. Securing your charity income when many essential sports related and other fundraising events have been cancelled requires imagination and digital alternatives. 

When organising a live chat or an event, the pre-marketing of the event is important. The more engaged volunteers and beneficiaries you have, the more people you have for sharing the message and inviting people onboard. Here is an amazing case study of one charity with an innovative fundraising concept. The charity, Tommy’s, staged its postponed half marathon fundraising event as a “solo, virtual running challenge”.

When you have potential donors onboard, it is important for them to have transparent information available in easily understandable and comparable formats. This is where we recommend your charity to have a profile on It is for credibility and also away to listing all your resource needs for the public to see. 

Information on how to do an Instagram live stream can be found here.

Information on how to do a Facebook live stream can be found here.

You can even use the Live Video API to get comments and reactions on live video broadcasts, so that video producers and on-air talent can interact with viewers.

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