As the digital age has more than crept up on all of us, its high time all charities get on board digitally in every way possible. We’re sure there are many out there who are unaware of the tools, softwares (many of which are free) and tips out there for kickstarting your digital communications. In collaboration with Charity Digital, whatCharity will be bringing you a series of charity-tech content that is sure to target some of the difficulties we know many charities are currently facing. So let’s get started.

Digital Marketing Action Plan

Charity Digital have come up with a digital marketing action plan for charities to use to help organisations to survive this crisis. The above article provides a holistic overview of the kinds of things charities should consider when marketing in the digital sphere during the current pandemic.

A live chatbot – for efficient customer service

A chatbot service is a fully or semi-automated communication system, which can be installed on your charity site. You have probably seen these solutions on many commercial websites and maybe used them to ask a brief question. 

Coronavirus is forcing many charities to start communicating with beneficiaries, donors and other partners more online. Chatbots used effectively are a great way to keep your charity approachable. It also provides direct, instant engagement opportunities for new contacts who might have found your charity via Google or a friends recommendation.

Charity Digital has created a vast info package about chatbots and are keen to serve your charity in your chatbot needs. Contact them about this here.

We use a chatbot

whatCharity started using a chatbot to enhance the level of customer service in January 2020. Previously, all customer service was done via email. The decision to take onboard a chatbot via Intercom was to make the company more approachable. Nana Campbell, one of the key personnel using the service, has answered some questions on how the chatbot service has benefited the company and its customers:

1) How has the partly automated and partly on-time communication channel changed the customer service work?

Customers can be served by many people at the same time. The whole team with different expertise can see the conversation.

Some of the most frequent questions can be answered with the automated system, which saves us time. 

2) Have you seen an improvement in customer satisfaction e.g. amongst the individuals and charities using our service?

Answers and tips are nearly always responded with enthusiastic thanks and those users are more likely to check in with us again.

Charities with e.g. login challenges or quick questions on how to fill their profile can be answered in real time.

3) How has the service helped whatCharity to get more engaged with companies?

We are found in google and they can instantly ask us how we can help them to get connected with charities matching their criteria.

We can also share some blog and video content for companies to give them insight on more efficient and strategic company giving.

So, check out the above articles and see if a chatbot service and/or a new marketing strategy is suited to your charity! And keep posted here for more digital juice for charities. To sign up to our newsletter to receive these updates, contact us here.

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