Tiia Sammallahti, CEO of whatCharity, and Miisa Mink, Founder and Chief Doer at Driven Woman, share their thoughts and inspirational words of wisdom for those who need it right now.

Tiia Sammallahti and Miisa Mink discuss keeping motivation high during the COVID-19 lockdown

These past weeks (or is it months now?) have tested humans in a way that is unique to most people’s lifetimes. Where many organisations have had to shut their doors, others have benefitted from new demands of supplies. While some people have lost their jobs to this pandemic, others have flourished where it has created opportunity. Yet whichever side you have fallen on, there remains the opportunity to make the best of the situation you have been given, from here onwards.

With all change comes the opportunity for growth. If you look back at the effects that the crisis has has on your personally, you may now see it as a call for creativity in your career path, or perhaps it has enabled you to spend more time with your children. This video, taken from Driven Woman’s instagram live, is aimed at those who feel they want to make more of the time and resources they have during self-isolation. It starts by discussing Tiia’s own journey of finding her drive, and ends with some tips for you to take home. We hope you enjoy it.