whatCharity is dedicated to helping charities get more resources more efficiently. This includes money, volunteers, skills, goods and services. This autumn we’ll be announcing several exciting partnerships and will continue delivering the type of content that charities and donors have praised us for in the past. Because, we believe doing good shouldn’t be complicated!

This week we want to introduce our new partner, Warp It. This amazing platform can help charities save lots of money by allocating great quality furniture and office equipment to them for free. Corporates can help charities by donating their surplus items online – quickly, simply and easily.

We interviewed Daniel O’Connor, the Head of Customer Happiness for Warp It to find out how their site works and how charities can get products worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds for free.

Warp It - charity equipment and furniture for free

What is Warp It?

We work with the public sector to redistribute surplus reusable assets, such as furniture and equipment. 

These assets are advertised on the Warp It website for the 3rd sector to claim for free. It is like buying from eBay or Amazon, but you need to organise the collection yourself. The steps are simple: 1) you register to our platform 2) Browse and claim the products you need 3) We deliver you the pick up details for the products. 

What is your mission, why do you do what you do?

Our ambition is to save the planet ultimately. But secondly, make the reuse of items within organisations normal. Warp It is making the world a better and more sustainable place, improving resilience, reducing procurement costs and keeping useful products out of skips. 

We want to make reuse as easy as buying from Amazon. 

Warp It should be the first port of call for any organisation when buying new if they want to save on purchase costs, or just do their part to save the planet. 

Charities and schools have benefitted massively already from the items they have claimed. See more infomation on these success stories here. We want to keep this open to help not only large organisations but small schools and charities develop and to ensure they have the equipment they need or want to run successfully.

Warp It

Tell us more about the products that are available?

We have organisations all over the country on our platform with a wide variety of categories of items available! 

This can range from common office equipment such as pens and desks all the way to high tech science and lab equipment!  We have even rehomed Forklift Trucks and Bouncy Castles!!

We have had some amazing items on the site, such as a faraday cage and an electric car for example.

Can any charity claim these products?

Any Charity can claim the items that are available after you sign up, which is free of course!

Once you have claimed the items you can get in contact with the organisation donating the item and arrange when you can pick these items up.  

Warp It

How are the products transported to the charity and who is responsible?

The products are usually picked up by the person who has claimed the items from the organisation donating them.  

However, for long-distance claims, people on our system have started using a courier to get the items transported. This is very cost-effective most of the time as the items you are normally receiving are high cost, so paying for a courier then seems next to nothing. You can easily get a courier quote online and compare that to the savings you will make by claiming the assets rather than buying new products. There are plenty of low-cost delivery options to choose from e.g. https://www.comparethemanandvan.co.uk and https://www.anyvan.com/.

What are the costs for the charity?

The only cost for a charity is to pick up the items they have claimed. As I said before, the cost of travel is normally very low compared to the items being claimed. 

Warp It

Can charities sell the products they claim?

Charities can choose to sell the assets on if the terms of that particular trade allow. This is defined by the product donor when they donate the products. 

Why have you chosen to collaborate with whatCharity?

The Warp It team loves the amazing work whatCharity does! 

We are both platforms with a mission to make things more efficient for charities and to get more resources to the sector. 

We want to have the opportunity to work together to make the world a much more sustainable place to live. Not only to help large organisations develop a sustainable routine, but also to share with charities and schools who need this equipment.

We want to work together to make it possible to have a world where skips are the last place useful equipment will go and where communities work together to save what we have rather than it going to waste.

We want to work together to make a bigger difference!

And finally, what do you wish to say to charities?

If you ever need any free office supplies, furniture or equipment then you need to be part of this web service. 

Warpit is a powerful online system and our customers have helped us prove that it is possible. See what members are saying right here.

Sign up for your account here: https://getwarpit.com/charities

Daniel O’Connor, Head of Customer Happiness, Warp It