Forget bucket collections and bake sales, we are in the era of sofa marathons and Zoom socials! We are here to keep you up to speed. Social distancing rules have severely inhibited the ability to fundraise, so we have compiled a list of remote or online fundraising ideas, so that you can keep up the good work.

1.Virtual Gaming Tournament

A virtual gaming tournament is a great way to engage people in fundraising in a fun, interactive way. Get participants to enter the competition with a joining fee to start raising funds straight away. Why not try getting in touch with a local gaming company to see if they would like to donate prizes to help entice gamers. As an alternative you could set up a gaming marathon, through a live-stream on Twitch (gaming site). It is a great way to tap in to a huge audience with the power to donate.

2. Virtual Cooking Class

Maybe someone in your organisation is a secret chef and wants to put on a virtual cooking class. A virtual class is a great way to get people to donate to your cause by charging a small fee, and in return participants learn a new skill or recipe.

3. Social Media Takeover

Why not get in touch with a local corporate organisation and take over their Instagram for a day. This is a surefire way to gain visibility for your charity and spread awareness.

4. Virtual Craft Night

Get crafty online using a platform such as Zoom and ask participants for a donation. Choose a theme and spread the word, all participants need to do is have materials on hand and access to a computer. Another great way to entertain whilst raising funds.

5. At home hairdressers

Raise money through sponsored hair do’s. Encourage people to get wacky with their hair. We are thinking buzz cuts and bright blue dye…

6. Quiz Night

Everybody loves a quiz night, so why not organise one online. All quizzers need to give a donation to enter and you can offer prizes at the end to get more players on board. This way everyone can enjoy a night out without leaving their sofas, and all for a good cause!

7. At home sports day

Organise a sports day that people can take part in without breaking any social distancing rules! Can you get participants to time themselves doing a hundred meeter sprint or a thousand star jumps? Each person raises money though sponsorships and gets all their daily exercise in too!

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