Are you aged 18-35? Are you seeking work that has more meaning? Do you wish that your own company was more engaged with local communities? Do you want to create a better society for yourself and future generations to better from? If you answered yes to any of the above, engaging in the non-profit sector is your answer.

The charity sector is often relegated to the margins of society. For too long it has been stereotyped as an old lady’s game where there is little for young people to gain. But this is simply an outdated concept. In a society that is fraught with political debate about the kinds of societies we want to live in, it no longer makes sense to think of charity work as separate from mainstream society.

According to Deloitte, 56% of Millennials have ruled out working for companies because of their values or conduct and 63% of those respondents expect companies they work for to actively contribute to society. Organisations that have a vision of social purpose and invest in community engagement – via grant giving and active CSR strategies – are much more appealing to work for.

Improve Confidence and Purpose

Working with charities is not just a matter of ‘doing good’. With so many charities independent in and of themselves, and others working as independent branches, it is important their vital research continues to be funded. The political movements that are gaining momentum right now would not and will not have legs to continue without the support of research, of which many charities provide.

If you are unhappy with the way the powers that be, past and present, have shaped the society in which you live, the charity sector may be for you. For many there has been a lacking in perspective on social policies to do with housing, employment, domestic violence, animal welfare, etc. Supporting a charity that resonates with your viewpoint is a valid alternative route to take.

Find Your Voice

Research shows that opportunities to learn and grow are the only aspect of retention that separates millennial needs from non-millennials. If you feel that your corporate managers don’t provide real opportunities, it is likely you will begin to feel demotivated and perhaps lacking in purpose. It may be that the company you are working for is not currently the kind of socially conscious organisation you want it to be. If this is you, we hope that you take this opportunity to ask your bosses the questions that matter: Do we have a CSR department? If yes, what are they currently working on? If not, why? – How can your voice make a difference within your organisation?

Feed Your Creative Mind

Another means of engaging of course is through either volunteering with the sector part time or applying for a charity job full time. The charity sector is a huge untapped market where young professionals who are eager to grow their skillset whilst working as part of a socially conscious organisation can learn, grow, and be inspired to do good. Not just because it feels good, but because it feels right.

The personal benefits or working within the sector are widespread; career benefits are a vital bonus for those looking to jumpstart their CV and career.

The Time Is Now

If you are an individual thinking about where to take your career next, why not start with a voluntary placement to test the waters before diving right in. There are so many charities looking for skills-based volunteers due to COVID-19, have a look at our list of charities looking for help here. If you can’t find one you would like to support here, feel free to use our search engine and contact the charities directly from there.

If you are working as part of a company and are finding yourself questioning its current level of engagement, get in touch to discuss what kind of charitable engagement could work for you. Corporations that lack standard socially responsible practices will see their brand visibility drop, a decrease in customer loyalty, and importantly, they will lose out on the opportunity to attract top-tier employees. Don’t let your company fall short.

Charities spotlight integral issues which might not otherwise get attention. Their voices are perhaps more crucial now to the development of our society than ever before. We at whatCharity are keen to close the gap between citizens and charities. If your company or you as an individual professional would like to discuss how to make a change for good, get in touch.