Now more than ever, all organisations need to know how to manage the changing world of finances. For the charity sector in particular, responsibilities around finances is something that may have taken a backseat or even a restructuring due to the collateral damage of COVID-19 on the sector. To help trustees to get back on their feet in these times, the Holy Brook team have created a mini course to help to support charities at this time.

Many charity trustees are well aware of their financial duties, but if you aren’t or you could do with a refresher, experienced trainer and accountant Rachel Eden is launching a free mini-course to help you out. She says: “It’s vital all charity trustees are confident about what their legal duties are around the finances, and I know many trustees who would like a refresher, which is why I’ve created this free mini course that covers all six of the main duties of trustees and what that means for the financial side of the charity.”

You can join here.

Rachel is a qualified accountant specialising in charity and small business finances.  She is Deputy Mayor of Reading for 2020-2021.