Is your company running a volunteering scheme, but finding it hard to identify local charities to collaborate with? Well, look no further. If people in your business possess digital skills such as general IT, web development, digital marketing or social media, it is relatively easy to find charities that lack these skills and desperately need help creating a meaningful digital presence.

Our previous survey of 665 UK charities suggests that skills-based volunteering and helping charities to improve their operational abilities are the most impactful ways of support. More about preferred volunteering partnership can be read HERE.

Our latest technology related survey and almost 100 responses deliver detailed information on what the technology challenges are and what kind of help is most needed. Let´s look at some example challenges charities face and what impact there is to be made. There are survey extracts below for you to get an idea of the variety and diversity of charities’ digital development needs. One might think that only the smallest charities would be in need of this type of help but that is not the case. Our research shows that charities of all size and type of need professional resources for training, building and maintaining a technology infrastructure, coping with new regulations and increasingly need to pay attention to safety and privacy issues.

Overall digital strategy

“We simply lack awareness of what is available for having a greater digital presence. “

“Our challenge is trying to integrate systems to avoid duplication of work. For example, membership and volunteer details are kept on separate Excel spreadsheets by different people, mailing lists are in Mailchimp, tour bookings are through Brown Paper Tickets (and reminder emails sent out manually). These processes are managed by different volunteers, but the information often overlaps, which means duplication and inconsistencies.”

“We need a database for collecting member information and to be able to draw information from it i.e how many members from a particular area. We would like better knowledge and skills to utilise social media better. we are awaiting a new website and would like some help in learning how to keep this up to date.”

Hardware needs and training

“We need training for staff and help to explain why the tools (and time to manage them) are needed to Trustees.”

“We lack digital experts who can train the other volunteers.”

“We were really fortunate to receive funding to buy IT equipment for service user & admin use in 2016, we also have a large touch screen tv which the youngsters we work with have found a great addition to what we offer. Unfortunately we know we aren’t using all this to its full potential. “

“We are a volunteer run charity, and many of the volunteers are of the older generation and so are not as IT literate. Fund raising digitally would be useful, but we need help”.

Software, websites and platforms

“We need knowledge of how to synch different platforms together and ensure they are all updated.”

“We wish to continue to the drive of reducing paper processes, begin to implement some automation in some of the operational processes and record keeping we do. We also need to start tracking the success of our marketing campaigns.”

“We would need help setting up more interactive website, introduce an online shop and to offer online courses.”

Social media

“Our social media presence desperately needs a boost and our charity fancy dress/costume shop would benefit 100% from having an online shop, as it is our biggest fundraiser to date and with this awareness, could triple our earnings easily.”

” 1. We would like to film more videos to put on our fledgeling Youtube channel we opened this month. 2. Start meme making so our social media can go viral. 3. Diversify on to other platforms – e.g. this week we have started on Instagram and would need more expertise.”

Charity quotes of the impact of volunteering

“We have now someone quite efficient at using computer technology. He has revamped and produced club leaflet about our activities, dates for future sessions, management information, procedures, constitution etc. Downloading photo’s and sending out for promotional usage. He has been a huge asset to the charity.”

“Our digital success for 2018: We got got three laptop tablets for assisting clients, have raised over £3k on Facebook and also got the ability to take donations by contactless payment!”

“I think that in our day & age you cannot function in charity or business without embracing the changing face of technology – support would mean the world to us as we are run entirely on volunteers. streamlining our Technology could be the push we need for a more professional approach to our online presence & we could begin to really make a difference with our online support project. “

“Trust is the most important element for donors and beneficiaries, and tech can help us improve. By providing a consistent and reliable user experience for a worried parent, an at risk child, or the people/organisations funding the work. Technology can help us provide evidence, can help us identify and reach out to those in need and can help make us accessible to anyone, regardless of their background or ability”


Is any of the above something your company or employees could get involved in? Your input can be anything from few hours of advice or donating used, equipment to a project or continuous help. Our platform, has over a thousand charity listings and many have indicated skills they need to take their charity digital presence to the next level. Do not hesitate to contact the charities and discuss your interest. Contact details can be found in charity profiles.

Because, doing good should not be complicated.

Happy volunteering!


whatCharity team

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