Through our monthly grant blog posts, whatCharity aims to match grant makers with grant seekers. We strive to make it easier for charities to find grant programmes that are relevant for their organisations and activities, in order to help them grow and increase the impact they have in their communities.

Below, we have put together an up-to-date list of 12 grants that are currently open for applications. Most of the grants are open indefinitely, or their deadlines are around October and November. However, some deadlines are in September, so if charities are interested, they should endeavour to begin their applications as soon as possible.

We have included information about each grant, its deadline and some tips for the application process. The following programmes include a range of grants for charities working in creative industries, with children and young people, homelessness and poverty reduction, health and research and other general charitable purposes. We have included grants of varying size, which cover both project and internal costs. 

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The Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust – for general charitable purposes in England and Wales 

The trust was founded in 2000 for charitable purposes and has awarded multiple grants in support of a range of causes including disability, education, religious activities, animal welfare, community development and sport. 

DEADLINE:  No deadline. Trustees meet twice a year to discuss applications. 

About the grant

Most grants tend to be under £20, 000 and are usually between £1, 000 – £3, 000. In 2017, 64 grants totalling £547, 000 were made. 

What kind of projects and charities should apply?

Open to any England or Wales registered charities. Individuals are not permitted to apply. 

Application tips

The Trust does not have a website or a formal application form. All applications are to be written and posted to the below address:

Mrs C Scott, Secretary, Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust, RF Trustee Co Limited, 15 Suffolk Street, London, SW1Y 4HG

Other contact details: 
Telphone 020 3696 6715 Email:

charity grants programmes

PRS for Music Foundation

PRS is the UK’s leading funder of new music and talent development. PRS began in 1953 and the Foundation’s grant system established in 1999. It now receives £3m a year from PRS music. Since March 2000, PRS Foundation has supported over 6,700 new music initiatives, with donations amounting to £32 million.

About the grant

The foundation offers different grants for in different categories. As well as the two detailed below, there are many more categories (e.g. Women Make Music) listed on their stylish, information-laden website:

  • The Open Fund for Music Creators

Offers grants up to £5, 000
Defined as: Songwriters, Composers, Artists, bands, producers or performers. 

N.B. this grant is only for musicians who write their own music.

  • The Open Fund for Organisations 

Offers grants of up to £10, 000 

‘Organisation’ may refer to promoters, talent development organisations, venues, festivals, curators and large performance groups (e.g. 12+ groups-may include orchestras, jazz bands andchoirs-smaller bands should now apply as ‘Music Creators’). 

October 1st 2019

  • Resonate

The new fund targeted at professional orchestras to encourage them to favour British music of past 25 years. 

DEADLINE: submissions due to open September 2019 

What kind of projects and charities should apply? 

  • The Open Fund for Music Creators

The Fund supports touring, music creator residencies, promotion and marketing, commissions of new music by UK-based creators, community projects and live performances featuring new UK music.

The fund is not for organisational costs, salary costs or living costs but administration costs relating to the project can be funded at a maximum of 10% of total budget.

  • The Open Fund for Organisations

Only for UK-based non-for-profit organisations with a specific project they require funding for-which they define as a musical activity with a defined outcome and a clear start and end date. This grant is not for programmes which they define as a group of related projects. 

Intended for music projects which must involve the creation, performance and promotion of new music and enable songwriters, composers, or solo artists, bands, producers and performers of all backgrounds to develop creatively and professionally.

Application tips 

The purpose of PRS is to facilitate music innovation and they want the creative and professional development of those who contribute to this goal to be evident. Within your application they ask you to specify how each contributor will grow from this experience. For ‘creation’ projects, they recommend you outline any potential performance opportunities. For ‘performance’ projects they priorities projects with multiple, rather than single performances. 

Link to register/apply:

There is an ‘apply now’ button which will take you to their application portal. 

charity grants programmes

Only 2 grants are available to view for those charities who do not have a premium profile on whatCharity. In order for charities to get access to the full list of available grants, you need to be a premium member. Find out more information about premium profiles by clicking here now

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