Through tough times comes the opportunity to rebuild, however many charities are currently struggling to obtain the funding that is crucial to the rebuilding process. Following are three charity members of whatCharity; we urge you to consider their fundraising needs and to help out if you can. If you’d like to browse our other charity categories, simply use our search engine at

Songbird Survival

Calling for pledges to help secure a future for UK’s songbirds:
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The COVID-19 crisis hit us hard. With reduced income we have had to put some of our work on hold; we also closed our offices and reduced our paid team. But, we have weathered the storm, a bit bashed about but with our heads above water, and need to know that we can continue our vital work on into the future. This is where you come in, with an ongoing commitment to help. Your pledge now and through the coming months and years will help stabilise SongBird Survival long-term and enable us to plan even brighter things for the future of UK songbirds.

If you would like to discuss other ways you can help us to help songbirds then please contact

Wheely Tots

The Wheely Tots Space Race:
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During August, the Wheely Tots team will be walking, running, and cycling 507 miles against a team from their friends at Sage. That’s the distance to the International Space Station and back. It sounds like a long way but they’re confident they’ll make it by working as a team. Help them out by joining them, sponsoring them or sharing on your social media. All the information you need is here.

Each £100 raised will fund:

  • a balance bike & 20 minute walking/cycling session for a local vulnerable family to improve their health & wellbeing
  • repairs for a bike to allow a key worker to avoid public transport and feel happier about their commute
  • a 2 hour walking/cycling session for an adult or family: this improves health, confidence, and resilience

GVI Trust

Emergency response to COVID-19:
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We have been working in over 15 counties for the past 15 years and have a great track record of impact and creating locally run sustainable projects that tackle global issues. Our communities and conservation projects are relying on us through this challenging time and after spending the first five months of this pandemic focused on emergency relief, for the first time ever, we are now fighting to save our charity. Every donation will allow us to survive another day to carry on the vital work we do.

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