• Are you a donation site?

    whatCharity.com is NOT a donation site. If a charity wishes, it can direct traffic from our site to a donation site they prefer or use. We do not charge commission on these donations, nor do we charge for volunteer contacts or any other resources donated via our site.

  • Are you a charity?

    We are a social impact business, so we aim to have a broader societal impact other than just making money. You can read about our ethos here.

  • Who owns whatCharity?

    whatCharity is operated by a privately owned limited company Dobook Limited (registered in England and Wales – 10236472). Our offices are based in Central London.

  • How do you make money then?

    We do not charge individual users and basic charity profiles will always be free. Furthermore, during our beta phase, all charity profile functionality will be free of charge. We will later introduce tiered monthly subscription fees for our premium features, based on charity size. For this modest fee, we will offer an advanced GDPR solution, digital communication and promotion features, which will help to significantly reduce the overall marketing costs for charities.

  • Is the service for all non-profits?

    Initially, our service is for all registered charities in England and Wales. Going forward, we will expand our platform to also include social enterprises and non-registered charities.

  • What makes you different from any other digital platforms in the market?

    whatCharity aims to be the first port of call when someone is looking for charities, checking that a charity exists in public records, learning about the impact a charity is making and comparing charities.

    Effectively, we seek to increase transparency of charities for donors and volunteers by:

    • Using the Charity Commission database to create an easy to use charity directory for individuals and companies.
    • Allowing charities to present their projects and impact with our simple template.
    • Giving beneficiaries and donors a voice – they can provide feedback, request for more information or ask questions.
    • Providing advanced charity location functionality, making it easy for users to find and engage with local charities.

    Basically, there is no other service in the market delivering the same benefits and yet there is much more to come in future releases of our platform!

  • Do I have to register to use your site?

    If you only wish to browse charities, registration is not required. If you would like review, rate, ask questions or to donate money, time or goods to a charity, you will need to register via your LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook profile.

  • What criteria should I use to rate & review charities?

    You are welcome to rate and review charities irrespective of whether you have volunteered, given money, goods or if you are a beneficiary. The review system has been created to help charities improve, so please keep your feedback constructive.

    Even more importantly, provide comments to charities you are happy with! It is vital to share positive experiences to increase the amount of good in our communities and guide others to find charities that do great work.

    If you have a question, simply use the question option, which does not require you to provide a rating.

  • How do I know your data is reliable?

    We rely on three sources of data, each with its own validation criteria:

    • Basic details and financials derived from monthly uploads from the Charity Commission database, the UK regulatory body of the charity sector. We do not change the data reported in any way, it is just presented in a slightly different format.
    • Charities can choose to comment on their financials, highlight the impact they are trying to achieve, present a project of their choice and provide further location information. They can also request for resources including money, volunteers and goods.
    • Questions, reviews and ratings are given by the public. Charities will be notified and can respond, which will be visible to all.

  • Does whatCharity review or analyse charities?

    No, we do not. We are a technology company and believe that our role is to act as a conduit, providing a platform for individuals and companies to find charities to work and engage better with. It is for the public to make informed decisions based on information provided by charities, data from the Charity Commission as well as comments and ratings from members of the public.

  • Are you regulating charities?

    No, we are not. Our mission is to harness technology to benefit everyone; the beneficiaries, the donors, charity volunteers and the charities themselves – to ultimately make a positive impact on society.

  • Are all charities registered in England and Wales listed on your site?

    Eventually yes, every 185,000 of them will be activated on our platform in 2018. We are starting with a smaller number to focus on charities who collect voluntary income and donations from the public, as these are the ones donors and volunteers mostly engage with.

    If you do not find a charity on our platform but would like to know more about, send us a note using the Contact Us form and we will publish the relevant profile. These profiles will contain basic information and reported financials until the charity completes the rest. The charity will be notified of the publication of their profile and are invited to become an admin to complete it.

  • How do you store user data?

    We receive your name and email from the social media you registered with, only to validate you for ratings and comments, and to send you simple platform communication. We do not hold any other individual data. Please refer to our Site T&Cs  for further information.

  • Who writes your blog content?

    The content is written by us, some of the charities on our platform, charity sector organisations and influencers, as well as companies and individuals who wish to contribute. All content is clearly attributed to its source and we give writers the freedom to express their personal views and bring new ideas into the world of giving.

  • For charities
  • Does a charity need to have a registration number?

    Yes, all charities on the site currently need to have a registration number issued by The Charity Commission (England and Wales).

  • Are all registered charities in England and Wales on your site?

    Not immediately. We plan to grow our database in stages and the initial focus will be on those that collect voluntary income and accept donations. Eventually all 185,000 registered charities will be included and further expanded to social enterprises and non-registered charities.

  • How can I become the admin of a charity listed on your site?

    Your charity profile has a “Claim this charity” link in the top right hand corner of the profile. Click the claim button and follow the instructions. The person listed as a contact in The Charity Commission database will also be contacted in the process, for security purposes.

  • Why is my charity not listed on your site yet?

    If your charity is not listed on our site, just send an inquiry using our Contact Us  form. Please provide us with your charity name, registration number and email address you wish to be contacted on. We will then publish your charity within 5 working days.

  • Can a charity have numerous profile admins?

    Yes, all admins of a charity profile can invite further admins to manage the whatCharity profile. In fact, we suggest that for security purposes, an additional admin should be added.

  • How do I terminate admin access for someone who has left our charity?

    Simply send us a request using our Contact Us form and we can process your request.

  • Can we ask for our profile to be deleted from the platform?

    We do not delete profiles on request. If you do not wish to claim your charity or use it, your charity will still be listed with Charity Commission data. If you do not want to show further details, delete what you have filled in on your profile and save the changes.

  • What data do I need in order to fill my profile?

    Charity Commission data will populate a part of your profile covering basic details and reported financials. The following are the main components you need to have to fill in your profile completely:

    • Logo
    • Hero brand image
    • One sentence summary, mission statement and a short history
    • Location details of your offices, shops and operational units, if applicable
    • Details of a project you wish to promote. We call this a social impact project which follows the theory of change / logic model (problem, solution, input, output, outcome, impact)
    • As many photos and videos as you wish, however if you would like to use the project animation feature, two high resolution photos are required
    • Your contact details other than what has been provided to the Charity Commission as well as other social media details.

  • Do I get an animation video of my project each time I update my profile?

    Not automatically but you can if you wish to. When you complete your social impact project details in full, you can click to automatically generate a social impact animation video which you can share freely and use for your own marketing. When you update the information or create a new project, you can generate a video based on the new details.

  • Do you charge charities to use the site?

    All charities will always be able to use our site without charge and edit their basic profile. Eventually, there will be monthly charges for premium features, such as GDPR solution and marketing functionality.

    We are a technology venture dedicated to helping digitise the charity sector, which is reportedly 5 years behind other industries in digital development. In order to offer ground-breaking solutions and tools, we need to cover the costs of doing so. We are here to help the charity sector and will therefore endeavour to keep our charges reasonable and dependent on the charity’s size. We believe the benefit a charity can receive from our platform will be much greater than what we will charge for the service.

  • How do you ensure all charities, regardless of size and cause, are on a level playing field when it comes to search results?

    All charities have the same profile structure regardless of size. Our search engine rewards charities using the following criteria:

    • Charities that have completed profiles

    • Charities that are active i.e. keep profiles updated and respond to questions

    • Charities that are rated highly and reviewed frequently

  • Why should I create a profile as opposed to other platforms in the market?

    whatCharity aims to be the first port of call when a donor or volunteer is looking to authenticate a charity, find new charities to donate to and volunteer with. It is a platform to increase awareness and initiate communication with companies and individuals. As we do not charge for donations or volunteer matching, your charity can choose which donation route to choose and where to guide traffic from our site. Your charity and its impact can easily be found and understood. As we encourage charities to request for all kinds of resources, you can easily inspire people to help as they have never done before.

  • Can I report a false or mean comment or review on my profile?

    Comments and reviews are monitored both automatically and by our customer service team. Abusive language is detected before it is even posted. If you feel a comment is abusive or falsely written to cause your charity harm, please report the comment by using the Contact Us  form and we will investigate.

  • Will you provide any training or guidance for charities?

    We are always happy to answer any questions, so please drop us a line using the Contact Us form.