The subject of giving to charity is always an interesting one. Why do people choose to give to charity and how do they choose one charity to focus on?

The latest post in our Donor Series is from Jen Skingsley, who is an active supporter of The Rob George Foundation. The Rob George Foundation was founded in loving memory of Rob George who died in 2013 aged just 21 following a long battle with leukaemia.

the rob george foundation

Why do you support The Rob George Foundation, Jen?

I have known Philip and Lorraine George for 16 years, having joined Birkett Long during Philip’s time as Managing Partner. After they set up the RGF, I wanted to help in any way I could, so I became a regular donor via direct debit.

As well as modest financial support, I occasionally help with their marketing whether that’s proof reading or helping with bits of design work.

I’ve also really enjoyed helping at events – whilst the RGF was Birkett Long’s charity of the year (where the firm raised circa £11,000 for the RGF), some of my colleagues and friends undertook the Essex Way Walk challenge. I had a great time as part of the support crew, making cups of tea and waiting in lay-bys for the walkers! I run Exaltation! Gospel Choir, and I was pleased we were able to offer a concert to help raise funds. More recently I helped represent the RGF at Colchester Roundtable 367’s Santa bucket collection.

the rob george foundation

That sounds great! And why do you give to charity?

I see offering time and financial support to charities as a vital part of my Christian faith. I regularly donate to a few charities, but I like to limit the number so that the amount I can offer is as meaningful as possible, whilst also covering the charities I want to help.

I like to be involved in the charities I donate to, and I am currently a trustee of three charities. I also volunteer marketing work for two of them, helping to raise awareness of the charities and their activities.

The Rob George Foundation

What benefits have you seen from working with or donating to your chosen charity?

I love to see the stories of the young people the RGF helps – it makes it so worthwhile seeing the impact of what they do. I think what Philip and Lorraine have done (and continue to do) in Rob’s name is inspiring. They have turned their energy into something that can change and improve others’ lives, and they do it with such unrelenting dynamism!

Get to know more about The Rob George Foundation and how you can help by clicking here.

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