The subject of giving to charity is always an interesting one. Why do people choose to give to charity and how do they choose one charity to focus on? This latest post hears from Rhona, Deputy Manager and Family Support Worker, and Connor, Volunteer Administrator, and on why they support Parent Support Link

Parent Support Link aims to provide a 24-hour service to callers seeking either information about illegal substances and their effects, or as a listening ear to people who find themselves affected by another persons drink or drug use.

Which charity do you work for?

Rhona – I volunteered with them around 12 years ago on the telephone line and supporting with admin.

Connor – I first heard about the charity through my dad who was working as a paid employee, it was around3 years ago. I help them by volunteering within the admin team. It is something that I want to give back.

Why do you support your charity?

Rhona – I have personal reasons for being so dedicated to the charity, having been affected myself by a loved one’s substance abuse, I have an understanding of what people are going through. I have been involved (in the know) of PSL since it began in 1993 and started to volunteer for the charity around 11 years ago as a telephone support volunteer. This involved taking the 24/7 support line, and lead onto being involved in supporting some of the events which PSL would hold for the clients such as family BBQ’s and general get togethers. As a volunteer a position came up for a Family Support Worker, which I applied for and to my delight I got the position. I have not looked back since! We are more than just a charity, we are a family, I feel that we welcome all with open arms, aiming to support anyone who walks through our doors whether that is a professional client or some one passing by; it is a safe environment to be in and with no judgement. The job can involves very sensitive information and at times very difficult situations, so to be part of a strong supportive team and have a strong, secure and understanding manager behind you is critical, which luckily we have 🙂

Connor – I support the charity because it’s something I want to give back. It’s a private decision.

What benefits have you seen from working with or donating to your chosen charity?

Rhona – The people that I work with are a true inspiration, truly dedicated to what we do here at PSL and I am proud to be a part of this charity and the team. The manager and founder of PSL, Christine Tebano, is an inspiration to me! I have never known someone so understanding, caring and passionate about what they do. Everyone at PSL, but especially Christine, believes in what they do, as do I. I have seen first hand on many occasions the impact and difference our support and knowledge has on our clients. Someone will have a first session with us in tears not knowing which way to turn and completely lost in what is going on around them and possible at breaking point…. and over time after being listened to and having a solid, non judgemental ear, we get to see a change in people as they become able to explore their different options.

Understanding that you have no control over what anyone else does can be a very difficult lesson to learn. Everyone gets there at different points, but when they do it is a light bulb moment, in which the person has an understanding that in the way they choose to behave is the way they can make a difference to themselves. It may be the smallest thing, such as taking time out for them to read a book or visit a friend, or maybe not give the loved ones the money they have been demanding for there drugs/alcohol., or having a night’s sleep with no dramas throughout the night, or just having someplace to feel safe such as PSL! However big or small it is, its still an achievement to that individual.

Every day I am inspired by my manager, my work colleagues and mainly by the strength of the family and friends which we support.

Connor – I feel that I’ve helped our charity to grow our paperless project and with this, a new easier way of working.

For more on Parent Support Link, view their profile here.

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