The subject of giving to charity is always an interesting one. Why do people choose to give to charity and how do they choose a charity or charities to focus on?

The latest post in our Donor Series is from Tara Howard, who’s company Venus Movement’s brand is “empowering a community of leaders to become a movement of change”.  This change is based on men and women working together better, wherever that may be in the world.

Please watch and enjoy the Venus Movement video guide to gender equality.

What charity do you support?

Venus Movement is a regionally focussed awards program for women in business and we host many regional Awards Ceremonies. To that end, we have supported many charities over the years as we try to support a local charity in every region we attend.

The charity we have supported the most is the Boo Charity. We first started supporting them back in 2014. They are a local charity based in Bournemouth, our home town.

boo charity

Why does Boo Charity appeal to you?

As a mother of four, I’m drawn towards children’s charities and particularly the smaller initiatives in developing countries.

I have travelled to places like Nepal, trekked many times and spent time at local girl’s charities. In country, I could see the charities I worked with utilised their funds very well. However, the fundraising that originates abroad can sometimes build up unnecessary overheads.  It was not always transparent enough for me as to where the funds were subsequently being used or where they were making that difference. Therefore, that was another reason I was drawn to BOO.

Boo is a very low-cost charity being run by the Trustees and a team of volunteers. This enables them to use all the funds raised on much-needed projects, which directly help the children who really need it.

The aim of Boo is to help children of Africa disadvantaged through economic poverty. They provide help in a variety of ways, including food, shelter, health, education, life-skills, and emotional support.

I found their mission to be very clear. They, the trustees, are very hands-on and not one penny raised goes to administration.

The overriding ethos of Boo will always be to provide “Opportunity not Charity”.  They work under the old adage of teaching the beneficiaries how to fish, not just giving them a fish.  I actually think this saying should be updated to “pizza” – that’s where all the money is!

In September 2018 I recorded a single called “Matter of the Mind” and all proceeds went to BOO.  We produced a video of the same name which can be viewed here.

boo charity

Tell us more about Venus Movement and how it helps charities?

Our company’s mission revolves around changing people’s lives and not always women.  We are driven to give back and usually not in money terms.

For the numerous charities we have supported, the money we raise for them on the night of the Awards Ceremonies is so welcome and appreciated – it’s clearly their life-blood and from that, we change lives.

We are working currently to create our own Foundation which will strive to back charities that support and protect young women and girls.  We will only support charities that clearly understand that boys and men are part of the solution too.  We are inspired by those who have found clever and interesting ways to train men and women, boys and girls to work together better.

Get to know more about Boo Charity and how you can help here!

Are you a volunteer, donor or trustee of a charity who’d like to share their donor story? Email to find out how you can get involved. It’s a great way to raise the profile of your charity and get it noticed!