The subject of giving to charity is always an interesting one. Why do people choose to give to charity and how do they choose one charity to focus on?

The latest post in our donor series is from Jane who is an active supporter of Carers Worldwide.

Can you tell us about which charity you support and why that organisation appealed to you?

jane carers worldwide

I first heard about Carers Worldwide when it launched back in 2012 from the co-founders, Ruth and Anil Patil, who are my sister and brother-in-law.

I am a paediatric nurse and so when I heard about the organization it immediately struck a chord with me. Over many years I have seen the struggles families face when a child has a long term condition and the ‘fight’ they endure to get the help, support, facilities, and resources needed to provide the affected child with the best care possible. I can see that it is incredibly hard for many of the carers I meet through my work as they are under immense emotional, physical and financial strain. I cannot begin to imagine the difficulties faced by carers in developing countries who have no recognition of their needs or the vital role they play.

Carers Worldwide are invaluable in raising this vital issue to improve the lives of carers in developing countries.

Have you been involved in any other charities prior to Carers Worldwide?

I was involved with several other charities prior to supporting Carers Worldwide. Other organizations I have supported previously include the British Heart Foundation, various cancer charities and Oxfam which are all charities that focus on medical or humanitarian causes.

How exactly do you support Carers Worldwide?

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I donate a regular monthly amount and have assisted at various fundraising events, such as the London Marathon, RideLondon and Swim Serpentine in Hyde Park.

At the fundraising events, I mainly support Ruth and Anil in their roles which involves greeting the fundraisers and cheering them on to the end. I also help in the background with child care to enable Ruth and Anil to be present at these events.

Last October, I did a sponsored 10K run in Switzerland and raised just over £400 for the charity! This was also a personal challenge to myself due to an old hip injury it was a great achievement to have done it and I was spurred on by the motivation of raising money for a great cause.

What benefits have you seen to Carers Worldwide through your support?

I have seen the benefits of my support by reading the impact reports produced by Carers Worldwide that provide hard facts and figures on how many carers’ lives they are changing and what action has been taken to change their lives. There are also case studies and personal stories from the carers involved in the projects and it is touching to see the benefit this work brings to those involved.

Get to know more about Carers Worldwide and how you can help here!

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