The subject of giving to charity is always an interesting one. Why do people choose to give to charity and how do they choose one charity to focus on?

The latest post in our new series of donor testimonials is from Amy Colquhoun who is an active supporter for her chosen charity.


What charity do you support, Amy?

We support  Legs4Africa. We first saw them on Facebook and we began by helping load a van full of legs one day in a car park. Our son Euan is an amputee and we later sent a box of his old legs.

Last year we attended an open day event in Bristol at Estate of The Arts. We met the team and helped with their dismantle-a-thon. We now sponsor Wudeh – a girl in The Gambia who received one of Euan’s legs.

Legs4Africa is special to us as it was set up by two local people and is such an effective charity.

Prosthetics are considered medical waste and Lega4Africa have found a clever way to do something constructive with them. There is so much skill and expertise that goes into making the legs that it’s great they can be shipped and moved elsewhere.

Obviously, with Euan being an amputee, this charity has real significance to us. It’s so uplifting and good for his self-esteem that he can help others in need. A South African friend of mine explained that in SA this is known as ‘ubuntu’ – a quality that includes compassion and humanity.

Why do you give to charity?


Our family have been so blessed with good health, great education and rewarding jobs, so it feels absolutely necessary to give back.

When you think about all the riches we have compared to the majority of the world’s population, it is surely a duty to try and do a little bit to relieve the overwhelming suffering in our world.

Teaching our children empathy, compassion and kindness is fundamentally important. Legs4Africa allows us to do this is some small way.

What benefits have you seen from working with or donating to Legs4Africa?


We have met some lovely people, formed a bond with a family in The Gambia, made a campaign video and organised a bake sale in the summer to raise funds for Legs4Africa.

We will continue to support the charity and are excited to see how it grows in the coming months and years.

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