Ho, ho ho! It is time for some Christmas fun!

whatCharity.com is working with an empathy-led digital consultancy agency DOT PROJECT to award one UK charity a Christmas package of support which helps the charity to get to the next level in digital presence.  This digital foundations consultation package is worth £6,000. The entry process involves completing a short digital themed survey and public voting on the whatCharity platform.

Please answer the survey HERE by midnight Sunday 9th December. Randomly selected charities that have participated in the survey will be shortlisted for the next level of the competition with the public voting taking place between 12th and 19th December.

The output provided by DOT PROJECT to the winner is a detailed action plan on how to increase productivity and wellbeing through the application of responsible technology.

Depending on the charity size and the current technology utilised by the winning charity, the £6,000 worth of consultancy work will be tailored to exact needs. Here is an example what the deliverables might contain:

Healthcheck phase – analysis of your current digital situation:

  • Is your digital approach working for you? 

  • How can the way you use digital tools be improved to increase your impact
  • Your digital environment identifying where you could make better use of your existing digital tools 

  • Your organisational productivity and wellbeing to determine how technology is working for your organisation and how you can maximise your expenditure on technology 

Opportunity analysis – identifying the opportunities for greater productivity and increased wellbeing in the use of digital tools:

A review of where there might be opportunities to strengthen your foundations, embed existing technology more effectively or consider new technology options. 

  • Stakeholder consultation on the current and desired state for digitalisation (5 x interviews and survey) 

  • Analysis and activity mapping with 1⁄2 day workshop review 

  • Options and feasibility report 



whatCharity team in collaboration with DOT PROJECT