Charities urgently need a lifeline to get them through the COVID-19 crisis and continue supporting people in need. You can help.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the fabric of society. Systems of support are changing and we are witnessing the emerging power of symbiotic relationships between individuals, charities, companies and government. Our new initiative helps companies and individual professionals get the right resources to the right place so that they can help the right people, fast.

If you or your company has grants or money donations available, the capacity to offer services or skills for free, or donate products, even the smallest of contributions can make a big difference – it is about finding a match.


●     Browse the dashboard to find a cause and urgent request to match your offer.

●      Click the link to the charity’s profile, which contains transparent and comparable information on the charity. All charities are registered with the Charity Commission in England & Wales.

●      Use the contact details listed on charity profile to contact the charities directly

●     You can ask any question on our chat bot service on or get in touch with us at if you would like us to initiate an introduction with your chosen cause.

●     For larger money donations we can run a bespoke charity call out to match you with strategically aligned causes nationwide (tel. 07468337176)

…because, doing good should´t be complicated!


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Company-charity partnerships

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We need money to support our efforts going forward.
Location: Otley
Currently our primary need is fundraising support.
Location: Africa
Funds to keep the organisation running smoothly. To be able to carry out our hot lunch for drop in centres, provide temporary shelter for some homeless. Pack uncooked food for those struggling and be able to pay staffs.
Location: Kent
Contracts and grants.
Location: North East of England
Location: Nationwide
Money to buy necessities for the families we support. Laptops to help with home schooling. Nappies, wipes, baby clothes, children’s clothes.
Location: Bromley
Financial help and funding to pay our bills rent water electricity and the employees.
Location: Wilesden
We want to make sure that we can help the children and staff keep secure through prevention but also be ready with emergency care if they fall ill.
Location: Alnwick
Donated art supplies (Paints, brushes, art paper, etc.); Grant funding.
Location: Worcestershire
Company grants to help with asset purchases, aircraft lease and COVID-19 medical kit.
Location: Nationwide
Grants because the income has stopped completely.
Location: Mid Suffolk
Resources , money to support people’s in crises food to be delivered to those in need.
Location: London
We could do with more tech based advise regarding online broadcasting re social media, sound desk technical help, and also website designs.
Location: Rotherham
We need staff who can help migrate our programmes to an online platform. We need donations so we can deploy resources and meals to young people stuck at home. We need access to food and hot meals to pass onto our beneficiaries.
Location: London
Donations, big and small & good quality laptops so the team can work effectively.
Location: Surrey
Ideally, funding to support the cancellation of fundraising initiatives. This could be in the form of direct grants, payroll giving, staff fundraising events or donating a % of online sales.
Location: Herefordshire
Money and a new roof.
Location: Warwickshire
Mainly funding - for every month of the lockdown, we will lose circa £30,000 in income.
Location: Birmingham and West Midlands
Fundraising is required to ensure our charity survives, not just in the next few months, but the foreseeable future.
Location: Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Luton
We need funds. Kennel and foster costs throughout the current emergency period: 25 rented kennels spaces at £15/day = £375 per day, 20 supported foster homes at £6 / day = £120, total per week = £3,465. It is essential that we continue to raise funds to pay for the ongoing rental of the kennel spaces and food and enrichment for dogs in our care, and all and any medical treatment that they may require during this period.
Location: West of England
We need help to apply for grants/funding so if there is any free support to help write bids etc. that would be a great help.
Location: Natonwide
Charitable giving, fundraising activity, raising profile of our work,
Location: West Sussex
We would welcome grants from the funders to run the projects and to continue with our activities and services to the community. We have a tremendous track record since 1981 in running the successful community projects, therefore it would be a great opportunity for us and the funder to work together.
Location: Pakistan
Employee engagement with our online and virtual fundraising challenges.
Location: Nationwide
Cleaning materials, PPE equipment, Books / jigsaws (activities people can do at home), laptops / mobile phones - enable people to use technology to communicate, food, drawing materials
Location: Dacorum
Financial donations.....we have plenty of lovely second hand stock to sell once sales resume.
Location: Dorset
Help with on line income generation and accessing grants.
Location: Leek
Support to raise funds.
Location: East Midlands
Grants and fundraising.
Location: Bristol
Payroll giving. The condition we treat is costing the uk economy ca £10bn annually and every employer with more then 7/8 people is contributing. we would like to go into employers and explain but our corporate package was to have been launched q1 this year
Location: London
Currently money as our overheads are not covered from our reserves.
Location: North West England
Strategic support and a 'sounding board' to get through the current challenges and to plan for afterwards (please!)
Location: Greater Manchester/Cheshire
Laptops or PCs so that we do not have teachers working online on their phones.
Location: West London
As with many smaller charities we need funds to survive. Our income levels have plummeted since early March.
Location: Daventry, Northamptonshire
Financial Help and Donations of Essential Supplies.
Location: Cumbria
When we are open and trading use our commercial departments or sponsor a learner.
Location: Lincolnshire
Not too much from companies but musicians may not continue. "Shadowing" of officers would be helpful as three of our four officers are over 80.
Location: Clitheroe and North West England
We require supplies from baby companies, nappies, bathing items, baby bath, creams etc. Also we would love Data bundles for our mums to enable them to stay in contact.
Location: Greenwich, London
Buying into our service, hardware such as laptops, mobile phones, printers and general office equipment.
Location: Rotherham and Barnsley
Funding to replace our lost income to safeguard our charity in the long term.
Location: East Sussex
Our greatest need is money to keep our staff, because they are the facilitators of the services. Without people no facilitation. Without facilitation no network. Without network ... people in difficult situations that deal with major societal challenges are on their own.
Location: Oxford
Funding will help us to operate for longer. We are a very small charity and without regular income from our cafe hubs we are really struggling. The work we do to support veterans of the emergency services and armed forces is so essentially, particularly at this time.
Location: Lancaster, Hereford, Redcar, Hawick, Scarborough and Gosport
Video enabled mobile phones so we can offer support face to face remotely and cash/donations so we can purchase essential supplies I.e food toiletries baby milk etc.
Location: Directly in North East and Nationwide
Funding, volunteers to help in The Gambia, website designer and new trustees.
Location: Cambridgeshire
-Grants / Funding
-More Training
Location: Africa
We desperately need funds to help us with our running costs of the centre whilst it is closed. We also need help once we reopen with fundraising events.
Location: Peterborough
Provide funding to the charity to enable us to support members and their families who are feeling especially vulnerable due to living with cardiac conditions and the fear of contracting COVID-19. Companies who can donate defibrillators, AED training units and manikins would also be helpful.
Location: Nationwide
Skilled staff to manage the fundraising.
Location: Nepal
Money - or the lack of it - is our main concern.
Location: Nationwide
Laptops for staff to work from home keeping contact with young people.
Location: South Bristol
We need funding, but we also need volunteers who can email or telephone befriend some of the people we support. We also need help with our marketing messages and raising awareness too.
Location: Nationwide
Grants for funding to pay for essential such as Electric, Water bills and insurance. Continuing to pay for these essential services will ensure we are still able to function on a basic level for the next few months and then we can focus on recovery.
Location: Cornwall
Fundraising support Communication reach for online services that we are providing.
Location: Colchester
Skills such as PR, marketing or services such as printing and posting. We need to keep in touch with our 2000 friends, 80% of whom are over 75. We are not able to complete events or education this year so have little chance of growing our membership therefore need help engaging with people 50+ or families.
Location: Cambridgeshire
Donations and grants so that once we are able to recommence our research and training we have the funds in place, avoiding any further delays.
Location: Shropshire
We anticipate that we will have no income for three months, but that our running costs for the property will continue. This cost will be around £1000, with no income against which we can offset it. This is a quarter of our annual income, and is therefore bound to have an impact on our future.
Location: Devon
Location: Abingdon, Oxfordshire
Help to pay staff salaries.
Location: Essex
Without sounding too mercenary, we need funds - pounds - ro replenish our reserves which are being eaten into since we cannot fund raise at events - one of our main sources of income
Location: Overseas
We need some grants to help with our core funding to keep us alive while this is going on, most of our funds are restricted so it is very difficult, we do not want to close.
Location: Whitworth
Monetary grants in order that once COVID-19 is under control, we as an organisation can employ another advocate to start a project for 'Early Intervention' helping put basics in the home in order that parents can eventually keep their children and homes in a healthy and stable manner.
Location: Rotherham
IT Hardware with software Office licences and a broadband dongle to distribute to beneficiaries who do not have any access to the internet. They feel more isolated than others as they have no access to online learning, social media and video calling. Our beneficiaries in the main are unemployed with low income. Majority are single or in adult only households. Many live in remote/rural disadvantaged pit villages.
Location: Finchale
Improved IT equipment and funding to keep the service available virtually.
Location: Derby
Our reserve funds are already low. Not allowing our HQ to be made available to others who would help donate funds means we are in danger of closing our doors for good or at least being unable to provide correct facilities
Location: Middlesborough
Cash for fixed overheads in order to remain solvent.
Location: Romford
We need rapid response to fundraising as we are unable access Government grants as we occupy a building as a user. We do not meet the criteria as we do not have a rates bill for the part we occupy.
Location: London
We need help covering the shortfall in our income usually covered by social fundraising activities.
Location: Shrewsbury
Funding but also strategic help to navigate the next few months.
Location: Reigate
PPE suppliers.
Location: Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Sponsorship from companies as we go into our 69th season of concerts in October - public health issues permitting.
Location: Clitheroe
Payroll giving would be hugely helpful.
Location: Bracknell
Once we return to work we always need volunteers and bike donations to help us run effectively.
Location: Huddersfield
We need financial donations please. Our social enterprise has closed so we are no longer getting funding from this source. All of our Community and Events fundraising has ceased as well. We rely solely on donations, grants, events fundraising and income from our social enterprise.
Location: Bath
Core funding.
Location: London
Primarily we need money donations so that we can use these to pay for therapy rooms for use with our work and to enhance our specific training with our volunteers. If any company or corporation would help us secure therapy rooms to help with our waiting lists, this would be of enormous help.
Location: Barnet, London
Donations or grants to support, remote skilled volunteers, remote strategic help.
Location: Africa
Financial help.
Location: Reading
Watch the impact video
We collect footwear for Africa. We would welcome all sorts of footwear new end of line or second hand wearable footwear to be used again in Africa. If you are linked to transport companies we would like to move this to Africa in containers either part empty ones that we can fill or donated empty ones as CSR!
Location: Africa
Promotion of our work, donations and spreading the word about online initiatives.
Location: Cheltenham
No resources - just money.
Location: Colchester
Cash to provide the 80% target we have set ourselves. Total amount required this year will be £5,000.
Location: Sheffield
We will likely need grants to be able to fill our tanks with diesel and LPG as the Outdoor Centre is too remote.
Location: Carlisle, Cumbria
Funding, hand wipes / wash, food.
Location: Hove
Advise bureau required for telephonic advise.
Location: London
Shoulder to lean on, mentoring and help given the break to work on a long term strategy.
Location: Telford
Safe office space.
Location: North Somerset
Groceries for clients in need. Transport as our minibus was stolen last week. Financial support to cover overheads.
Location: Durham
Need money for equipment for our disabled members.
Location: Sussex
Support and guidance to grants in the future.
Location: Darley Dale
Financial donations to enable us to keep our operations going and continue to support our residents in this area of high deprivation.
Location: Workington
Any support is welcome.
Location: Mid Dorset
Income for projects that can be done at home.
Location: London
Drivers. Plus funding in order to survive.
Location: Worcester
Funding towards our fixed operational costs and the costs of running our outreach programme. Due to uncertainty around fee payment, we must use our reserves to cover costs of £17,000 a month.
Location: Farnborough
Simply capital, to offset the £300 a month of lost income, to offset the ongoing costs.
Location: Devon
Fishing equipment for our fishing programmes. Timber to build fishing platforms for profoundly disabled and other anglers. Company volunteer days to help students with building platforms, general work around the lake to improve access for disabled
Location: West Sussex
Help to create a database of suppliers of non-single-use plastic alternatives for schools/councils to consider when trying to reduce their plastic footprint e,g, alternatives to straws, bottles/cartons, cups, bags, cutlery, sandwich bags, yoghurts, snacks etc.
Location: Nottinghamshire
Awareness raising. Funds to fund existing work and emergency work. Match funding and support for an event in December. Employees to take part in sponsored events as soon and they can whether arranged by us or not. Regular donations. Employee fundraising dates - Dress Down, Coffee Morning, Book Sals etc.. Support on Social media - Best platforms and maximising followers and support.
Location: Nationwide
We would be looking for donated goods, end of line products, furniture especially to sell from our warehouse when we can re-open or that we could at least sell online taking into consideration social distancing measures. Any long term support from companies who share our ethos and values and support the work we carry out for children and young people.
Location: Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
Website migration skills. IT Hardware for volunteers. Training on remote support and chat
Location: Surrey