“Thank you very much for selecting Peoples Studio as the prize winner, we are thrilled to win but more importantly we are excited to connect with an organisation that is addressing problems within the third sector that directly affect us. We had the pleasure of watching the ‘What is whatimpact.com‘ video. The video inspired us to connect & enter the draw. We were staggered – but not surprised – to find out that 70% of all charity income goes to 1.5% of charities!”

Abdul Boudiaf, Peoples Studio

What is Peoples Studio?

Peoples Studio (CIC) is a non-profit media production company. We want to support charities, non-profits & individuals attempting to achieve a positive social impact by providing them with free or discounted media production services. So far, we’ve managed to support groups including Justice for Grenfell, The Trade Union Congress, Muslim Welfare House, The Equality Trust, UCL & many more. Beyond supporting people to generate digital impact, core to Peoples Studio is our theory of change. We hire & upskill individuals from marginalised backgrounds on our productions. While we are delivering & producing media solutions, we aim to also use the opportunities to upskill & hire those furthest away from power. 

How can people best support you?

Despite our relative success, our core team all maintain full time jobs beyond Peoples Studio, this is partly due to the lack of resources at our disposal.

We would benefit from businesses development support in order to help us plan toward becoming a more sustainable business. We would also benefit from having direct support from a specialist grant writer who is able to convey who we are, our mission & impact within the context of grant making.

What will you spend the voucher on?

We will likely use the Amazon voucher as a prize for one of our own competitions.

A huge thank you to all charity and social enterprise representatives who contributed to this recent survey on skills based volunteering. This kind of feedback is invaluable and will help us to inform companies on how they can better support charities and social enterprises in the future.