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This spring we are embracing the subject of safety and excited to collaborate with innovative technology solutions company, Handi Technologies. With the use of Handi SOS, charities can improve the safety and security of their employees and volunteers.

We interviewed Peter, the Founder and CEO of Handi Technologies, who will be giving away products and training package to two lucky charity winners for taking part in our competition ending 16th May. 

Hi Peter! Tell us a little bit about what Handi Technologies does?

Handi Technologies Ltd was founded in November 2017 with the aim of improving personal safety and assisting in safeguarding vulnerable people.

After gaining interest and support from organisations, such as the National Lottery Fund and the Metropolitan Police Service, to help protect lone workers and domestic violence victims, we also gained support from the world of extreme sports and Handi SOS (our first product) was officially launched at the 2018 Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show and is now being sold in a number of sports shops across the UK. In 2019 we will be working closely with GB Sport, who manage the world’s top Ski & Snowboarding athletes.

Handi SOS is also being used in the US and Australia to safeguard the elderly, domestic violence victims, lone workers and participants of extreme sports.


Handi Technologies and Handi SOS

Sounds great! Where did you get the idea for the company and the product?

It was noticed that there were no devices available to allow for one-click-communication without the on-going fees associated with standard panic alarms. In fact—SOS alerts were delayed by a control centre, who would receive an SOS alert and relay the message to the appropriate people. This 3-step process is not necessary—instead, Handi SOS cuts out the middle man and sends the SOS alert and location directly to the contacts using SMS.

There was an obvious gap in the market for a cost effective method to call for help with the push of a button and to improve on the past method by partnering with Google Maps in order to display accurate data as to the user’s location. This gap has now been filled with Handi SOS.

Handi Technologies and Handi SOS


How does Handi SOS work and who are they for?

Handi SOS was designed to allow you to call for help when you can’t reach your phone. It’s a small, portable, battery powered Bluetooth button which pairs wirelessly to your smartphone.

Using the Handi SOS App, you select the contacts you want to be informed when you need help—this includes the Emergency Services by using the EmergencySMS service.

When you press Handi SOS, a text SMS message is sent from your phone to the selected contacts informing them you need help. The message includes an SOS messages, your details and your Google Maps Location at the time you pressed it.

Handi SOS is targeted to the elderly (when Grandma takes a fall and the phone is just out of reach), victims of domestic violence (to discreetly call for urgent help), sports enthusiasts as an extra precaution and lone workers when conducting home visits.

Handi SOS is for anyone who is concerned about their personal safety.

What else is needed for Handi SOS to work?

Handi SOS requires the following:

  • An Apple or Android Smartphone
  • A Bluetooth connection
  • A mobile phone signal

You are kindly offering a great prize – two sets of 5 buttons for the winners of this competition with whatCharity. What does the prize package entail?  

As well as offering two sets of 5 Handi SOS gadgets, the two winners will be the very first organisations to have our new Handi SOS button which includes a replaceable battery and iOS support, which will launch in May 2019.

We will also be supplying training materials, setup guides and video chat support for your organisation and you will also have access to premium in-app extras such as personalised alert messages, free of charge.

Charities can participate by answering a few security related questions by clicking here.

Handi Technologies and Handi SOS

How will you select a winner?

We have shortlisted charities using whatCharity company tool to let our stakeholders to help us choose the two winners.  We wish to support both large and small charities who are working hard to improve lives. Please vote for your favourite charity here by midday of Thu 16th May 2019!


More about Peter, Handi Technologies and Handi SOS

Peter Woods Handi Technologies

Prior to starting Handi Technologies Ltd, Peter was a professional session musician performing recording with solo artists around London, moving on to become a member of the ‘house-band’ for The British Army and BP. He then started a live music entertainment agency whilst working for the Software technology company SEGA; during this time hewas also building websites for small businesses and studying Psychology.

Company Mission & Vision

Handi Technologies exists to bring personal safety into the 21st Century by utilising current and next-gen technology to keep you safe. Their goal is to reduce reaction times to serious incidents by providing you with tools necessary to be able to communicate effectively in emergency situations. Whether you’re a lone worker, an online dater or a concerned parent, Handi Technologies are looking out for you.

Handi Technologies focuses on creating simple and elegant gadgets, integrating hardware and software to assist the most vulnerable people in society and the hardest workers in the field. Their intention is to make personal safety not only affordable and simple, but also seamless and intuitive. Your personal safety is at the forefront of why they exist.