Charities are in crisis and it’s everybody’s turn to help. With so many different skills, resources and donation types needed, there is a cause for everybody to get involved with. Perhaps you’ve been furloughed and you want to keep yourself busy or put your skills to good use. Look no further than our COVID-19 response dashboard for companies and professionals. To make the search process easier for you, we are chunking requests into location based groups. Following is a list of Birmingham and Manchester based charities looking for support. Click the name of the charity for more on what they do. Contact if you would like us to initiate an introduction with your chosen cause.


Rape And Sexual Violence Project

The charity’s mission: everyone deserves a life free from sexual violence and abuse. We offer empathic services to support and inspire children and adults of all genders who have been affected by sexual violence and abuse.

The charity’s needs: “The current crisis means we are now in need of IT equipment. This is essential as we move to home working. We also need cash donations now more than ever, as we have upfront costs in order to alter our service delivery to meet the needs of our now distant beneficiaries.”

The Springfield Project

The charity’s mission: to provide a range of services and programmes which aim to combat poverty and help people to lead happy and healthy lives including a thriving Children’s Centre, Nursery and Community Project serving hundreds of local families.

The charity’s needs: “We are in need of food and household item donations. Even the most basic foods and household essentials for our temporary foodbank would help.”

Rage Arts

The charity’s mission: give people the chance to gain self-esteem & confidence and skills to take the next step in their life whether that is to continue in education, seek employment or take the next step in their careers/life.

The charity’s needs: “We are looking for a new Treasure/Trustee for our charity. We give people skills and self-esteem &confidence and skills to help them take the next step in their life through film, theatre and music projects. Commitment 0-2hrs every week.”


Breakthrough UK

The charity’s mission: to promote the rights, responsibilities and respect of disabled people. Values: We promote the autonomy, choice and control of disabled people We are bold and visible We are driving change We always involve and empower disabled people.

The charity’s needs: “We need financial contributions (fundraising/opportunities). We would also benefit from training in IT and digital platforms – volunteering with staff and beneficiaries. Also IT equipment like portable devices for staff, volunteers and clients e.g. amazon-fire or surface pro or any smart phones donations.”


The charity’s mission: providing support to parents, families and friends of those affected by HIE (hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy) and to raise awareness. We do this by offering peer support, parent packs, funds for equipment, counselling, accommodation etc, family events, attending study days and so on.

The charity’s needs: “Our needs are threefold. We need offers of services/products, help with raising awareness, and skills-based remote volunteering.”


The charity’s mission: to conserve resources and improve the environment, fighting food waste and hunger.

The charity’s needs: “We need more food, more volunteers, and help with refurbishing a building.”

Found a charity you’d like to support? Contact if you would like us to initiate an introduction. Stay tuned for more area related and skills related requests by signing up to our newsletter. Contact us about this here.