Charities are in crisis and it’s everybody’s turn to help. With so many different skills, resources and donation types needed, there is a cause for everybody to get involved with. Perhaps you’ve been furloughed and you want to keep yourself busy or put your skills to good use. Look no further than our COVID-19 response dashboard for companies and professionals. To make the search process easier for you, we are chunking requests into location based groups. Following is a list of London-based charities looking for support. Click the name of the charity for more on what they do. Contact if you would like us to initiate an introduction with your chosen cause.

Arts For All

The charity’s mission: to offer a safe, happy sanctuary for local children and families as well as vulnerable adults. To build confidence through creativity, teaching all types of creative technique and craft based activities. To inspire, support, encourage and to care for each individual. To change lives for the better.

The charity’s needs: “We really need financial donations…. every penny counts and we would be so grateful. While our members are isolating we are providing them with activities and projects as well as helping them to get the provisions they need – this includes basic resources like toilet paper, nappies and basic food. We also need to be able to pay staff to continue this work.”

Carers Worldwide

The charity’s mission: to enable carers, service providers, policy makers and other stakeholders to recognise and respond to the needs of carers in the developing world, ensuring balance and equal value is given to the needs of the carer and the person receiving care.

The charity’s needs: “We desperately need funding. We would benefit most from a grant sized donation, however any amount, big or small, will help this charity to get back on its feet.”

Wheely Tots

The charity’s mission: helping families, adults & children cycle more regularly.

The charity’s needs: “We would benefit from funding, and for companies to actually make use of our bike service! It would be really helpful if employees booked a bike service or a cycle instruction session from one of our trained bike mechanics; we are offering a mobile service as a way to offer our freelance staff some paid work.”

Body And Soul

The charity’s mission: to transform the life-threatening effects of childhood adversity and trauma.

The charity’s needs: “We would benefit from financial support, both one off and/or long-term funding. We need volunteering support in the form of remote skills-based support, as we require help going digital.”

Netball Development Trust

The charity’s mission: to use netball to drive positive change in the lives of women and girls, around the world, through ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights’ education, so all young people have equal access to opportunity.

The charity’s needs: “We need funding, both now and in the future. We would also appreciate offers of volunteering for the future, so that we can plan ahead and know that our charity will still be able to exist and thrive following this pandemic.”

Vagina Museum

The charity’s mission: spread knowledge and raise awareness of the gynaecological anatomy and health; give confidence to people to talk about issues surrounding the gynaecological anatomy; erase the stigma around the body and gynaecological anatomy; act as a forum for feminism, women’s rights, LGBT and Intersex community.

The charity’s needs: “We need cash, more than anything else, and can offer digital brand alignment as well as other opportunities to companies who may be interested in working with us.”


The charity’s mission: inspiring people in the UK to take the action the climate crisis demands.

The charity’s needs: “Marketing resources – digital tools and volunteer wise.”

Africa Educational Trust

The charity’s mission: to bring education solutions to the most severely disadvantaged in fragile, conflicted and post-conflict regions of Africa.

The charity’s needs: “Funds to put towards our COVID 19 response efforts as well as to replace the loss of unrestricted income.”

The Chartwell Cancer Trust

The charity’s mission: to support local Cancer and Leukaemia services to make vital improvements to patient care across London and the South East. The money we raise through our work supports a range of projects and initiatives which directly increase quality of care, enhance patient experience and support for families.

The charity’s needs: “Direct donations or in-house fundraising.”

Teens And Toddlers Trading As Power2 Ltd

The charity’s mission: to help young people succeed at school through the experience of mentoring nursery children.

The charity’s needs: “Help to plug funding gap left by school closure. Some external resource to support making elements of our delivery accessible online/digitally.”

Clothe Me – Thank You

The charity’s mission: helping people who struggle to clothe themselves of the basics to keep themselves warm by providing vouchers that can be redeemed at charity shops. We partner with local charities such as food banks, elderly clubs, single parents clubs etc, who can identify those most in need.

The charity’s needs: “Volunteers where they can focus on fundraising events for us when this lockdown is over.”

Arms Around The Child

The charity’s mission: a world where children who have come from living in extreme adversity have their lives transformed into a bright future.

The charity’s needs: “Access to funding.”


The charity’s mission: to create pathways to social inclusion for all children and young people.

The charity’s needs: “Particularly interested to hear from companies who can help us fast track our online delivery of services for young people and their wider communities – in the fields of education, participation and performance..”

The Children’s Bookshow

The charity’s mission: to inspire school children with a love of reading through an annual programme of theatre performances and in-school workshops with the very best authors and illustrators from around the world.

The charity’s needs: “Money to help with core funding and allowing us to pay our freelance staff and keep the charity going.”

Reach Out

The charity’s mission: to improve self-confidence and develop Numeracy, Literacy and Communication skills of the young people we work with whilst reinforcing our core values of Fairness, Self-Control, Good Judgement and Staying Power

The charity’s needs: “Continued fundraising support, perhaps virtual fundraising ideas.”

Access Sport

The charity’s mission: to combat shocking levels of exclusion, hardship and poor health faced by millions of children in the UK.

The charity’s needs: “Digital resources, or learnings regarding digital resources, to support our delivery system to be adapted to a digital format. Or alternatively funding to support the newly required resources.”

Mousetrap Theatre Projects

The charity’s mission: to help young people succeed at school through the experience of mentoring nursery children.

The charity’s needs: “Unrestricted funding is the most important thing. Whilst we cannot run our services currently, we still need money to pay the rent etc. Also unrestricted money to cover funding promised but that now won’t come in from corporate donors who themselves have been financially hit by the crisis so cannot now honour their promises.”


The charity’s mission: transforming disadvantaged communities.

The charity’s needs: “We need staff who can help migrate our programmes to an online platform. We need donations so we can deploy resources and meals to young people stuck at home. We need access to food and hot meals to pass onto our beneficiaries..”

National Migraine Centre

The charity’s mission: treatment and support for migraine sufferers without the need for a GP referral.

The charity’s needs: “Payroll giving. The condition we treat is costing the UK economy £10bn annually and every employer with more then 7/8 people is contributing. We would like to go into employers and explain but our corporate package was to have been launched q1 this year.”

Mumsaid Maternal Mental Health Support

The charity’s mission: a society where all mothers are supported with giving their babies the best start in life.

The charity’s needs: “We require supplies from baby companies – nappies, bathing items, baby bath, creams etc. Also we would love Data bundles for our mums to enable them to stay in contact.”

The Brockley Jack Theatre Ltd

The charity’s mission: producing theatre that inspires, challenges and entertains our audience.

The charity’s needs: “We need rapid response to fundraising as we are unable access Government grants as we occupy a building as a user. We do not meet the criteria as we do not have a rates bill for the part we occupy.”

West Euston Partnership

The charity’s mission: Improving local people’s opportunities in health, employment and community life.

The charity’s needs: “Core funding.”

Thames Explorer Trust

The charity’s mission: We work to teach people about the Thames so that everyone can take a part in planning a healthy future for the river.

The charity’s needs: “Funding. Income for projects that can be done at home.”

Found a charity you’d like to support? Contact if you would like us to initiate an introduction. Stay tuned for more area related and skills related requests by signing up to our newsletter. Contact us about this here.