Are you a grantmaker who wishes to get more high-quality charity applications? Are you looking to support a more diverse range of charities and find new charities to work with?

Or, are you a charity who struggles with finding the right type of grant programmes to apply to? Do you find it difficult sometimes to understand what the grantmakers are looking for?

whatCharity exists to make it easier for charities to find volunteers and for individuals and companies to find charities to work with. We also make it easier for grantmakers to find applicants and for charities to find grant programmes that are relevant to them.

At whatCharity, we would like to help you promote your most current grant programme to new types and kind of charities and help you to improve the quality of applications for free.

At the end of this post, you’ll find a set of questions (takes 5min to fill) for you to answer if you wish to promote some grant/(s) that are available for charities to apply for in March 2019.

At, we know some of the grantmakers struggle to get through the application load and don’t wish for any more, but this gives you an opportunity to encourage the right kind of charities to apply and will grow your impact by getting new and diverse charities onboard.

What is whatCharity?

At we have helped hundreds of charities over the past 11 months to gain important resources from the public to supplement grant funding. has downloaded the Charity Commission database and can publish a free profile for any England & Wales registered charity to help them promote their work and impact in an easy to understand way (we use social impact logic model). We complete this data with financials, location details (‘charity near you’ map service) and peer to peer recommendations/testimonials.

We also produce lots of informative content for charities, companies, and individuals in order to make the interaction between all these parties more efficient. We communicate with over 35,000 charities on a weekly basis via both email and social media.

whatCharity and Grant Information

whatCharity enhances digital development of charities and have organised workshops and one-on-ones to help improve the digitalisation within the sector
whatCharity also matches charities with charities too. We have previously written about grants and conducted a survey related to grant seeking which saw 523 charities take part in of all sizes and type.

charity grants
whatCharity enhances digital development of charities and have organised workshops and one-on-ones to help improve the digitalisation within the sector

Of those who took part, only 30% of the charities had a profile on our site, so the topic was seen as very important and the feedback on the challenges of finding, applying and reporting on grants was very interesting.

Here are a few pointers from the grant seekers for you as a grantmaker:

  • 50% of charities use Google to find new grants
  • 50% of charities always apply to the same grants, as it is difficult to find new ones
  • 51% find it too time-consuming to obtain grant information
  • 45% find it difficult to determine whether the grant is suitable for them (e.g. guidelines are too vague or there is too much jargon)
  • 55% would prefer automatically pre-completed charity details and financials in the application process in order to save time
  • 42% would prefer standardised social impact reporting tools

We also had some grantmakers and those charities who operate in dual roles taking part in our survey. Some key findings from this were:

  • 30% would like to have new or more charities apply for grants
  • 25% of grantmakers wish for higher quality and more carefully prepared applications
  • 15% would like to have more beneficiary and supporter testimonials to validate the work of the charities

This data shows that there is a clear mismatch when it comes to charities finding charities to make an impact.

Our first blog about available grants got almost 600 readers. Many charities have also been asking for our advice on grants and we have also received proactive requests from grantmakers looking to promote their programmes. Because of these factors, we have decided to help in a more structural manner.

What is whatCharity asking from you as a grantmaker?

charity grants
whatCharity actively collaborates with industry organisations e.g. The FSI to reach all type and kind of charities

We are publishing a grant blog each month starting from 28thFeb (for March) where we list the most current and interesting grant programmes that are available to apply to.

If your charity has grants available and you wish to have more diverse, higher quality and more targeted applications, this is your chance to improve the quality of the applications you receive.

We will be posting the blog on our site, which has had over 35,000 unique visitors to date and has over 1,000 published charity profiles. We communicate with over 30,000 charities each week via email. This is also a great way to promote your charity and impact and get more social media publicity.


Please copy and paste the following questions into an email, fill in your answers and sent to

1) 2-3 sentences about your grant maker charity + charity website + twitter handle

2) 2-3 sentences about your grant

3) What type of funding is it?

Project – restriction

Core – restriction


Capital –  restriction


4) Grant size (min- max)

5) Available to the whole of the UK or a region, county, city/town?

6) Application period?

7) Decisions are made by?

8) What kind of charities and/or programmes are you looking for?

9) Tips to apply (e.g. what kind of information you are looking for, proof of impact etc.)

10) Link to the website/application

You are welcome to send us also a logo if you want it to be added to the blog.

The deadline for this is the 26th February at noon so don’t delay!

We look forward to receiving your answers and including them within our upcoming blog posts!