We have been contacted by individuals and companies over the years curious about what charities offer for sale, as an alternative way they can offer their support.

Therefore, we used our access to charities across England and Wales, to conduct a survey to find out what services or goods are up for grabs this Autumn…

The School of the Science of Acting

The School of the Science of Acting (also known as Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts) is a conservatoire drama school. Our aim is to improve and further the standards of drama and drama training in the UK and beyond.

We offer the highest quality training for actors and directors. All the training we provide takes place at our premises in North London, and our courses range from six-month intensive training to three-year programs. 

We are largely based in the London but our area of outreach extends internationally also. 

SongBird Survival

SongBird Survival aims to halt the decline, and sustain songbird populations in the UK. Through funding-targeted research into the issues surrounding the declining numbers of songbirds, we exist to help restore the Dawn Chorus to its former glory.

We sell bird-related gifts and cards, bird food and feeders and membership packages. These can be procured by phone, in person or online.

Any profits help to raise money to pay for our research programme into songbirds and other small birds – with the aim of using the results to help restore song and other small bird populations.

Herpes Viruses Association

HVA was registered as a charity in 1985 and exists to give correct information on herpes viruses to the public, medical professionals and the media. 

We are based in London but our reach is nationwide and we sell subscriptions, booklets, creams and food supplements which can be bought online. We make a small profit on all sales which go towards helping to meet our aims. 

This includes informing patients on how to stop the physical symptoms of herpes. We also offer counselling and advice to alleviate the psychological effects of knowing they have this stigmatised condition.

Retrospect Opera

Retrospect Opera is a small and energetic organisation, founded in 2014. Retrospect Opera records works that represent the heritage of British opera from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. We bring together top performers and researchers to create recordings of exceptional quality, beautifully presented, with highly informative booklet notes

We are based in Manchester but we have global outreach. We sell CDs of professional recordings of 18th, 19th and early 20th-century operas and related dramatic musical works by British composers, funded by donations. To date we have released seven discs, available here. Prices are £11.95 (single CDs) or £17.95 (double CDs). 

Buying our CDs disseminates our recordings and generates proceeds that are used to fund future projects.

Children in Need Fund

The Children in Need Fund was established in September 1983 and was set up to provide help for sick, afflicted and poor children through hospitals and other organisations in the UK. We are based in West London. 

If you sign up with Give as you Live, you can make purchases at over 4300 shops and we receive a share of the purchase price. 

Self injury Support

Self Injury Support was set up in 1986 as a women’s collective and now exists to ensure anyone who uses self-injury knows they are not alone. We hope to ensure that everyone understands that self-injury is a complex and important issue we should all care about and that together we can tackle both the causes and stigma of self-injury.

We are based in Bristol but we have a UK-wide remit. 

We offer specialist training packages, consultancy and reflective practice on self-harm, complex emotional difficulties, workplace wellbeing, remote access support provision. We offer support to develop emotional awareness and self-care skills. Training is 800 pounds per day, all other costs vary.

We also offer specialist self-help publications for people affected by self-harm and those who support them. All of these are available through our website.

The proceeds support the running costs of our national multi-channel self-harm support services and the development of open access self-help resources for people affected by self-harm

The Grange at Bookham

The Grange Centre for People with Disabilities in Bookham was founded in 1938 as ‘The School of Stitchery and Lace’ by Miss Julia Sweet. The Grange provides vital services supporting over 125 people with learning or physical disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

We have an online shop where we sell an array of items including mugs, fudge and t-shirts. We also have our Grange@No5 shop in Bookham, Leatherhead, which sells various items, some of which have been hand-crafted by the people we support (e.g. knitted or embroidered pieces). The shop is run by the people we support and is a place where everyone learns about retail skills – from window displays to answering the phone, ordering stock and dealing with customers.

“When you buy an item from Grange@No5, you are supporting our work and enabling people with disabilities to gain skills and grow in self-confidence” 

-Suzie, Shop Manager

Sight for Surrey

Sight for Surrey is an ambitious charity offering a lifetime of support for people who are blind or partially sighted, Deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing.

There is a vast array of equipment on the market that can assist people with a sight or hearing impairment in a number of ways. This could be lighting and magnification aids in order to see objects and text more clearly, or simple aids to daily living such as talking watches, speaking mobile phones and tablets, alarm clocks, cooking aids, access to books, vibrating alarm clocks, flashing doorbells etc.

Our display of some of this equipment and aids is based at our shop in Fetcham (Sight for Surrey, Rentwood, School Lane, Fetcham, Surrey KT22 9JX)

Some things on offer include:

  • Talking and easy-to-see clocks and watches
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Adapted iPads, iPhones and Samsung Tablets
  • Aids for the home and kitchen
  • Lighting
  • Computers with magnification and speech software. See the Technology Service’s Video about specialised computer equipment that has helped our clients.