Maybe you’ve found yourself with more time on your hands but you still want to exercise your skills. Maybe you just want to offer support as best you can during this time of crisis or maybe you’ve recently done a spring clean and found that you have a box of art supplies lying around that you no longer need… You may be surprised at the skills, services and donations that charities near you are in need of.

The enormity of the COVID-19 pandemic can seem overwhelming, with so many people in need of support, it can be hard to pinpoint where best to focus our attention. Even with the best intentions, we can find ourselves turning to the household names or the organisations with the most media attention as recipients of our attention, our time and our money. In some cases the impact of our investment can become an after thought, when we just want to make a difference but aren’t quite sure how.

Here at, we want to demystify the process of giving. We want engaging in charitable activity to be simple and impactful, that’s why we developed our dashboard tool, compiling urgent requests from charities nationwide. We asked charities up and down the country what their most urgent needs were in light of the current pandemic, and how companies and individuals can best support them right now. Most charities list money donations and long lasting partnerships as the most desirable resource, but many more need skills, services and product donations to see them through the current period.

We want to demonstrate that every little helps and we often have the capability to make a difference more than we realise. Below is a sample list of resource requests from charities to illustrate just how varied the needs are.

Skills-based Volunteering Requests:

(All skills-based volunteering requests can be carried out remotely)

IT and Marketing: 

Father’s House Church, Rotheram:
-Tech based advice regarding online broadcasting, social media, sound desk technical help, and website designs.

Voyage, Hackney:
-Skills-based help to migrate current programmes to an online platform

Breakthrough UK, Manchester:
-Training in IT and digital platforms

West Sussex Mediation Service, Sussex:
-IT expertise 
-Help with maintaining our profile(marketing)

Deafblind UK, Peterborough:
-Help with marketing messages/strategy

Countryside Restoration Trust, Cambridge:
-Skills such as PR and marketing to help keep in touch with over 2000 members, many over 75.
-Services such as printing and posting

Holbeck Together, Leeds:
-Digital support 

Devon Family History Society, Exeter: (
-Digital marketing, maximising the penetration of social media, and digital transformation of services

Lisa Kent Trust, Cambridge:
-Web Designer 

Bid writing / Grant Writing:

Melanoma UK (
-Melanoma UK needs help to apply for grants/fundraising/bid writing

Strategic help:

-Strategic Help

Beechwood Cancer Care, Manchester:
-Strategic help and a “sounding board” for existing ideas.

The Friends of The Milestone School, Gloucester:
-strategic assistance to help navigate the next months and possibly years


Rage Arts, Shropshire:
-Rage Arts are in need of a new trustee/treasurer

Clitheroe Concerts Society, Clitheroe:
-New officers to join charity

Rotherham and Barnsley Mind, Rotherham and Barnsley:
-Need more service users buying into their service, this will support their charity in many ways

Nepal Village Foundation UK
-Remote fundraising managers

Deafblind UK, Peterborough:
-Volunteers who can email or telephone befriend some of the charity’s beneficiaries

Katharine House Hospice Trust Oxfordshire:
-Furloughed staff to volunteer in housekeeping, catering or reception team

Kyaninga CDC Trust, UK (outreach in Uganda)
-Remote therapy intervention ideas, professional and personal staff development

Goods Donations

IT Equipment:

Bromley Brighter Beginnings, London Https://
-Laptops for homeschooling

Woking Mind, Woking
-Laptops for staff

Breakthrough UK:
-IT equipment e.g. portable devices for staff volunteers and clients, amazon fire or surface pro or any smart phones  

Rotherham and Barnsley Mind, Rotherham and Barnsley: s://
-Hardware e.g. laptops, mobile phones printers general office equipment

The Halo Project, Middlesborough :
-Video enabled mobile phones so they can offer support face to face remotely

Access to tablet/phones for clients or any remote conferencing software e.g. Zoom, Skype.
-Wifi dongles

Hartcliffe Club for Young People, Bristol:
-Laptops for staff to work from home keeping contact with young people

Essential Supplies: 

Bromley Brighter Beginnings, London Https://
-Nappies, wipes, baby clothes, children’s clothes

MumsAid, Greenwich London
-Nappies, bathing items, baby bath, creams etc. 
-Data bundles for our mums to enable them to stay in contact.

The Halo Project, Middlesborough :
-Food, toiletries, baby milk and other essential supplies


Voyage, Hackney, London
-Food to pass on to beneficiaries 

The Foxton Centre, Preston
-Food donations


Age UK:
-Books / jigsaws (activities people can do at home)
-Drawing Materials

The Friends of The Milestone School:
-Donations of products/activities for children to use at home, e.g. games

Art Supplies:

Garage Art Group, Evesham:
-Art supplies

Bishopsland Educational Trust:
-Any form of support from donors who resonate with mission: “We are a small arts charity and our focus is supporting emerging silversmiths and jewellers develop their practical skills and become self-employed makers”.


Sustainable Travel Collective L.t.d., Nottingham
-Donations of bicycles, lights, locks and helmets to give to essential workers to keep them moving while public transport is severely restricted


SkyAngels Air Ambulance:
-COVID-19 medical kit
-Aircraft lease 

Age UK Dacorum:
-PPE equipment

-AED training units 

Katharine House Hospice
-PPE equipment

With so many different causes out there, there truly is something for everyone. If you have the skills, goods or services to donate to a charity from our site, please get in touch with them directly or email for an introduction. If you do find a charity that resonates with you, please let us know, we would love to hear your story! Alternatively, if you would like to find a charity but your perfect match isn’t on the list, get in touch for bespoke matchmaking.