At whatCharity we are committed to delivering high quality bespoke advice to all our users. Whether you are a charity, member of the public, or you represent a company, we want to hear from you! Members of our team are on site throughout the week to help you with any queries you might have. Here are some conversations we’ve had, we think you might find them useful:

Q. Currently unemployed corporate events guy looking to help any community if I can?

A. Hi, Thanks for your message. 

You can search for a variety of volunteering opportunities in your local area by clicking the ‘Volunteering near me’ button on our landing page. This will bring up a list of available opportunities allowing you to then go to the ‘locations’ section of your chosen charity to find their contact details so you can enquire further about getting involved in a  project. With experience in corporate events, you would be perfect for skills based volunteering opportunities as they allow you to utilise your area of expertise. 
Our system suggests you are based in the London area so I have found 3 local opportunities for you to look into that are looking for corporate specialists:

Q. I’m looking for a voluntary opportunity for my dad who is 78 and lives in Sale. He likes the fresh air & being out and about. In his career – he was an engineer. He recently lost his wife so I’m looking to encourage him to try volunteering.

A. Thanks for getting in touch, that is a great idea. We offer the chance for both individuals and companies to find volunteering opportunities.

To discover a charity looking for volunteers, click the ‘volunteering near me’ button underneath the search bar on our landing page. You can use the filters to select only charities seeking volunteers or particular causes. This will show you a list of charities in your local area, if you head to the ‘our impact’ tab, you should see a list of the resources that charity needs (including volunteers). All contact info is listed too.

Our search engine filters by location, category, and much more.

Q. We are desperate for more committed qualified staff and volunteers. Tried everything, can you help?

A. Hi! From looking at your profile I can see that your charity has a Matchmaking Membership with us, however you are not yet taking full advantage of its benefits, many of which will help the public to find and donate to your charity. For example if you were to make use of the fact that you can list multiple locations on our UK charity map, you may get a wider reach of more people seeking voluntary positions. As well as this, a Matchmaking profile allows you to fill in your ‘Impact’ page, which is where you list what resources you actually need from the public.

Filling in these parts to your profile makes your charity much more likely to be found and supported by members of the public! I would strongly advise that you take some time to fill in these sections. We would then be happy to promote your charity in social media and/or via a blog post – up to you!

Example of a filled out ‘Overview’ page for easy search and find for the public

Q. We are a very small one off charity with one location in Farnham, Surrey. Can you make any other suggestions?

A. That’s no problem if you have only 1 location, that’s just one element of the profile. My advise at this point would be to keep your eyes peeled as we may have a company voluntary placements coming up.

Until then, fill out your profile. Even the basics of filling in your ‘Overview’, as well as your ‘Impact’ page, will mean if people are searching for voluntary opportunities in Farnham, your page will come up. As it stands, because you haven’t listed that volunteers is what you need, there is no way for people to respond to your needs.

Q. Have you any volunteering jobs with animals?

A. Hi there! To find animal volunteering opportunities near you, simply use the search bar on our homepage to search for the type of charity you want (animal), along with the location. You can then use the filtration options on the left hand side of your search results screen to enter what you are seeking (volunteering). Once you find a charity that suits, you can then contact them directly!

Q. I’m looking to donate catering equipment and was wondering if there’s any charities that would like them.

A. Hello, we sure can help to get you in touch with an organisation, either a charity directly or a distributor. What kind of quantities and types of equipment are we talking about? 

Q. One is a proofer and oven and another a merry chef speed oven/toaster . I also have a bread cooler on wheels and steel trays .

A. I’ve just spoken with Leigh who works with the furniture team at Epsom & Ewell Foodbank. They have two vans so transporting the items shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll redirect you to him now so that you two can discuss a pick up time etc!

We work with charities and companies.

If your question wasn’t answered here, feel free to ask us one of your own.

The whatCharity team.