whatCharity are proud to be collaborating with Ticketpass, a great example of a ‘tech for good’ company. We interviewed Rodrigo Bautista, CEO, and Founder of Ticketpass to find out more about the exciting service they provide.

What is Ticketpass and what is your company mission?


Ticketpass is the first ethical ticketing platform that donates 50% of its booking fees to charity.

Our mission is to build a fair and safe ticketing platform with real social impact. We want to empower businesses, charities and ordinary people to effortlessly help the planet and people in need around the world – for free.

How is it different from any other digital ticket service?


Ticketpass works like any other ticketing platform. People use it to take registrations or sell tickets to their events, but unlike others, our DNA is socially responsible and puts people first.

We are the first ticketing platform to give back 50% of our booking fees to charity projects. Why do we do this? Because we want to use our ticketing technology to enable hundreds of thousands of donations and really make a difference in the world.

How can charities use your service and what are the main benefits they will receive?

Out of all types of organisers, charities are the ones that benefit most from using Ticketpass. Ticketpass gives charities a free ticketing platform and helps them raise more funds from their events.

Firstly, this is because Ticketpass is free to use for free events. This means charities can create all their events, promote them and register attendees without having to spend a single penny. Secondly, and most importantly, if they are hosting a paid event they can request to receive our Give Back 50 for projects. This means that Ticketpass will donate 50% of all booking fees to your charity.

How can companies use Ticketpass and what are the benefits to them?


Businesses mainly use Ticketpass to showcase their values and commitment to the world and society. By creating their events with Ticketpass, they are helping the planet and those in need at no extra cost to them or users. This gives an ethical meaning to every ticket booked.

How can event organisers (whether they are charities or companies) sign up?

It only takes 2 minutes to sign up and create an event and is completely free.

If you’re a registered charity and want to receive the additional 50% from the booking fees (Give Back 50), you simply need to create your event and link your charity to your profile. Just send us a contact request if you wish to hear more and mention whatCharity!

Thanks for sharing more information about Ticketpass, Rodrigo! If your charity or company wants to find out more about Ticketpass or begin using them as your ticketing service provider, visit their website now