Congratulations to Treetops Hospice and Songbird Survival, the winners of’s EMA integration competition thanks to Minted Box. 

Tech company Minted Box has designed a fundraising tool, EMA, to help make fundraising engaging and visible to the local and wider community. It works to simplify gaining donations on any device. 

Minted box paired with whatCharity to give MatchMaking users the chance to have the EMA tool featured on their page. MintedBox wanted more charities to reach donors and whatCharity ran a competition to help facilitate this process.  

What a fundraiser looks like using the EMA tool

Fundraisers are goal-orientated and bespoke, users can create campaigns using unique dedications and images. For example, a school might be raising money to rebuild a roof, which will be displayed on the page and then each donation is represented by a brick, to give a visual sense of the donor’s contribution and how close they are to reaching their goal. It is the visual way to fundraise and another great way for charities to access resources! Once the tool is up and running, you can visit the EMA portal to edit campaigns, view statistics and check your progress. 

The team at MintedBox chose two lucky winners to have the EMA tool integrated on their page. Take a look out the winning charities MatchMaking profiles below. 

A big thank-you to all the charities that applied, we were overwhelmed with the amount of fantastic causes. Keep your eyes peeled for further opportunities and competitions!