whatCharity are proud to announce the winners of our latest competition. Congratulations to Songbird Survival, who have received £300 for staff recreation for taking part in our Review Survey 2019. We interviewed George, the administration manager for Songbird Survival, who told us more about the charity.

Tell us about what Songbird Survival do and the impact you’re making.

SongBird Survival fund research into small bird decline in the UK.  Our research has shown new ways to help song and other small birds; both in people’s back gardens and on a larger scale in the wider countryside with policy changes.  We have been able to use our findings and help to educate school children and other youth groups on bird welfare and the challenges wildlife face and help them to understand how they can make a real difference themselves. However, there is so much more we need to learn in order to best arm ourselves with the right tools to help birds and other wildlife so our research programme continues so we can continue to impact the lives of song and other small birds for the better.

What kind of support are you looking for from companies and individual donors? What would help your charity to get to the next level?

We need support to help fund our research programme but we also need to raise awareness of our Charity and the work we do to help us become better known.  So what we hope the users of whatCharity will do s a) find out about SBS and what we do b) tell others about us – whether this is by helping to promote us with a fundraising event or distributing information about us c) help to raise funds for our work.  Businesses could be even more wonderful by offering staff time to help us, holding events to raise funds and awareness, sponsoring us, promoting us to their customers and suppliers, offering to partner with a product or service in our name or simply offering a discount to our supporters.

Every individual who supports us is vital to add their voice to back our science.  Every business who is able to offer assistance will help more individuals to add their voices too.

You have just won £300 for staff recreation from whatCharity, what are you going to use the funds for?

We had been hunting around to look for something to do together for a Christmas celebration and had found a really nice party location that was slightly out of our budget.  But this fantastic prize means that we can now go and enjoy this fun venue and let our hair down.  If there are any funds left over then we may use this towards a possible daytrip to High Lodge in the spring.

Congratulations to Songbird Survival and a massive thank you to everyone who took part in our Review Survey 2019.