Since whatCharity’s BETA launch in June 2019, it is fair to say we are the #1 charity search site in England & Wales. The public now has the opportunity to find each charity location on a map and cross-link them with requests for volunteering, money, skills and goods and service donations. This feature helps charities to also be found in the areas they do not necessarily hold an office, but where their beneficiaries might be, which we call ‘area of outreach’.

In addition to this, we also launched Instagram integration for profiles and are preparing for several exciting company campaigns for this coming autumn. Companies are increasingly looking for skills-based volunteering opportunities, local charities to fundraise for and to give an equal access for all charities for their grant schemes.  We are excited to announce some resourceful partnerships in the near future. In the meantime, our site is frequently used by the public who are looking for charities to support in various different ways.

In order for a charity to be found and their work properly understood, it is important that charity profiles are constantly updated. At whatCharity, we update the Charity Commission data for the profiles each month, but the rest of the bits are there for the charity to keep their profile relevant, informative and inspiring!

We recently organised a competition for ALL 167,400 charities on our database to have the chance to win a premium membership for a year with our full services package. This includes our monthly grant newsletter and promotional benefits and is just one activity to keep charities alert with their profile updates. Out of all the participants, google randomizer picked out Actors of Dionysus as the winner. Congratulations!

We interviewed their CEO Megan Rogers about the interesting work they do. Who would have thought this small but very active organisation is one of the organisations responsible for keeping up ancient Greek drama awareness and knowledge in the whole UK, and their work is acknowledged internationally as well! Check out this short video piece on the impact of aod´s work:

What does your charity do?

Actors of Dionysus (aod) is a Brighton based charity and theatre company with 26 years of experience of creating highly visual, radical adaptations of ancient Greek drama and new writing inspired by myth. Since 1993 we have toured over 50 productions, performed to over 750,000 people and become the UK’s leading interpreters in this field.

Our main charitable purpose is to advance public education in the arts with particular, but not exclusive, reference to the art of theatre and Greek classical drama. Our passion is to ensure that this intrinsic part of our dramatic heritage remains alive and accessible to modern audiences, in theatres, in schools and beyond.

actors of dionysus

What does this mean in practice? How are you promoting the classical Greek drama and what activities do you do?

We promote classical Greek drama by touring bold and contemporary productions of Ancient Classics and offering excellent outreach and participation opportunities for students and young people. Our productions tour nationally and internationally and often include an aerial circus element – We offer a programme of talkbacks and performance lectures alongside our shows which are popular with audiences.

Our education work seeks to engage and inspire young people in ancient Greek drama and myth through fun and practical experiences created to enhance their understanding of the Classics. We have a strong track record in this area and our outreach programme consists of tailor-made workshops, talks with leading Classicists, free teaching and learning resources and DVDs, essays and audiobooks, all of which allow us to meet key curriculum demands and share our extensive knowledge with others. Our workshops are particularly beneficial to those who are studying ancient texts at GCSE or A-Level, although we tailor-make them to be enjoyed by students of all ages – The examination body AQA has listed aod as a company whose work should be seen by students.

actors of dionysus

How do you see your charity benefiting from the whatCharity service?

We will benefit greatly from the WhatCharity service, which will help us to reach and engage with new audiences and supporters. WhatCharity will provide us with a platform to further promote Ancient Greek drama, helping us to keep it alive and accessible for modern audiences, across the UK and internationally. Thank you for choosing us as a winner!