The whatCharity monthly grant newsletter matches grant makers with grant seekers. We make it easier for charities to find grant programmes that are relevant for their organisations and activities, in order to help them grow and increase the impact they have in their communities. We provide grants suitable for all types of organisations and have previously matched charities to exclusive grants of up to £40,000. 

Below we have compiled a list of 12 grants currently accepting applications. Only 2 grants are available to view for those who are not a whatCharity Matchmaking Member. In order to get full access to the 12 grants, upgrade your profile here.

We detail the grant eligibility criteria, the deadline, as well as some tips for the application process. Included is a range of charitable causes, including:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Environmental care
  • Young people 
  • Other general charitable purposes

Included are grants of varying sizes, which cover both project and internal costs, as well as those whose reach extends across the UK and internationally – something for everybody!

Masonic Charitable Foundation: 

About the grant:
The masonic charitable foundation donates grants totalling over £5 million each year. They help thousands of disadvantaged and vulnerable people to live happy, fulfilled lives and to participate actively in society. Grants to non-Masonic organisations amounted to £7.66 million last year. Charities can apply for either small grants or large grants; large grants have two shortlisting stages.

What kind of projects and charities should apply?
Eligible charities are those registered in England and Wales. In addition, charities registered in areas affected by natural disasters, both in the UK and overseas, can apply. The foundation offers grants to three main areas of activity:
-Community Support: for charities working with people affected by poverty and disadvantage, sickness or disability, or barriers to education and employment. 
-Medical and Social Research Grants: funding for research into a broad range of disabilities, diseases and conditions. It also supports social research studies which address and improve understanding of social or cultural factors which impact health, well-being, or active participation in society. 
-Other charitable causes: hospices that receive less than 60% funding from the NHS

Application tips: 
Charities can still apply if their work relates to hospices that receive less than 60% of their funding from the NHS. So read their guidelines carefully, you could still be eligible! 

Application Link:

Type of Fun-dingGrant SizeTo Whom Application PeriodDecisions M-ade By 
Discretion of Board (in 2017 the foundation awarded grants totaling £7.6 million)
UK based ch-arities who work in community su-pport or medical and social research
Small Grant applications end January 3rd 2020; 
Large Grant applications 2nd December 2019-17th February 2020
June 2020

November 2020

The London Marathon Charitable Trust LTD 

The trust was formed to distribute the surplus income donated to the charity by its subsidiary, the London Marathon Ltd, which organises the annual London Marathon and other such events each year. 

About the grant: 
Funds are given for much needed recreational facilities across the city of London, as well as in areas where London Marathon Ltd stages events. Areas of benefit include South Northamptonshire, Aylesbury Vale and Surrey.
The Small Project Capital Project Grants Programme provides awards between £5,000 – £19,999 to small projects and the Major Capital Grants Programme provides funds between £20,000 and £150,000. 

What kind of projects and charities should apply? 
The trust welcomes applications for:
-capital expenses of projects that have realistic plans to increase the number of physically inactive people participating regularly in sport or physical activity
-projects that have realistic plans for their long term sustainability without additional funding from us once you have completed your capital project
-projects that will be open to the local community for a significant proportion of each year 
-small projects which aim to improve existing amenities or new facilities that encourage more people to become involved in physical activity.

Large grants will be donated for the renovation, modernisation or creation of significant facilities for organisations that have already shown a commitment to the encouragement of increased physical activity to those not already active.

Application tips: 
Small grant applications involve a simple one-stage application process. Larger grants must be put forward by organisations which already have robust business plans, as well as strategies for increasing participation into the future, along with plans for monitoring and evaluating their impact. 

Link to register/apply:

Type of FundingGrant SizeTo Whom Application PeriodDecision Made By 
RestrictedSmall Grants: 5,000 – £19,999 Large Grants: £20,000 – £150,000Charities looking to better engage physically inactive people in sport and physical activity Projects looking to sustain recreational facilities 
Rolling grant programme with applications considered five times throughout the year. Upcoming application deadlines for  small grants: 11 December 2019 11 March 2020 Large grants: 11 December 2019 11 March 20202 (please check website for stage two deadlines)

Small Grants: Feb 2020/May 2020

Large Grants: June 2020/Sept 2020

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